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  1. I keep hearing JOU MA SE PORCHE
  2. Just don't buy watches from him...............................
  3. Yip, I felt the same. So I grabbed the loved one and went to Blue Peter.
  4. Who did the timekeeping this year?
  5. Hey Spidey Dit sal lekker wees, ek is in Brackenfell, laat weet waar en wanneer. Sal jou n boodskap stuur met my nr.
  6. Hey Swiss. Good to be back, need to get a bike again and loose 1 ton of deadweight
  7. Hey Matt Long time no speaky speaky You well mate?
  8. Ek sien baie van ons ou fotos is ook weg Waar is jy in die Kaap, miskien kan ons ontmoet vir n malt smoothy
  9. Ek het so gesien Hoeveel van ons ou crowd is nog oor
  10. Hallo all, been quiet for a while. Been told by a doctor I need to start riding again. Need to get a bike
  11. Watching the race, the ladies elites look as if they are on a training ride.
  12. Just read in the Beeld about riders being targeted by motorists in the Cradle of Humankind AGAIN. When will it stop?? We all have a right to use the road, but apparently some @ssholes believe that as a motorist they are gods and we mere mortals. Sounds like a douche in a Humvee too. https://www.netwerk24.com/Nuus/Algemeen/fietsryer-met-opset-raak-gery-20180605
  13. Apparently the rider who passed away from a heart attack was 69.
  14. Post your piktars from days gone by......
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