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  1. Dont mind getting online, in fact probably quicker than my LBS. But its possible to replace ? will it be same quiet noise or should be louder?
  2. I have a set of Shimano RS80 C50 wheels. All standard. They don't seem to be making that awesome sound in freewheel that some bikes do. ( ) Could it be the hubs need replacing or possibly just the freehub?
  3. Ive posted on the local groups in FB but no solid response. People i know that are coming back have full baggage already and hesitant to drag a bike box around with them. Will keep trying.
  4. Hi Pieter, been on both websites and cannot find anything less than $700. Needing a bike to come from South Africa to Saudi Arabia
  5. Hi, anybody recently shipped a bike overseas, namely the middle east? Who did you use and cost of this service would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  6. Just contacted Triptych and will use them. pricing good and service sounds good. Thanks
  7. Hi, just reading this thread and I'm confused. Checked Courier guy website and they quoting R800 for JHB to PMB. How and where did the 200/300/350 come about?
  8. Shimano M315, 36/22, 175mm length This is what website mentions
  9. Thanks, was thinking the same but my thoughts were to push on with the MTB, till I can push my daily rides longer and more sustainable, then drop some cash on roadie.
  10. Hi all, I am fairly new to this riding stuff and have a Marlin 6. 95% of my riding is on road. So looking for a bit more speed. It is currently stock standard. So not really understanding all the gearing stuff, do I simply change the crankset for a bigger one? Current topping out at around 32km/h with the wind behind me. TIA
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