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  1. Hi all, hope you had a blessed easter. An update: the letter of demand had been served, which will follow by the summons. Cheers
  2. Woke up late, missed the ride, but having a healthy laughter instead over bono/a, you are very talented boy aren't you? English written skills are commendable, must be a UCT masters graduate. Raw talent )
  3. I have a compressive insurance of course (only fools don't) I'm not going to claim I have already replaced the bike, bought the similar one privately, did not cost me the arm or the leg, happy with my purchase As for the coffee machine advertised, I recall a similar request last year sometime, a dude indeed wanted to buy the machine under the following conditions: he will pay me R1k deposit, takes the machine with him to his place, uses it and once he's happy of course brings the balance the following week.
  4. I'd conservatively estimate, based on my personal experience, that Crusaders pay up to 30% for value of the item, the math's is simple pay less 70%, multiply it by 2, and the selling price would be around 40% less than the same from Game. Again I'm NOT part of Crusaders Franchise The stolen black Cannondale was recovered not so long ago (late last year I my memory serves me well) from Milnerton Crusaders Franchaise, saw many posts on FB, was for sale at R17999.00, the exact specs are NOT know to me
  5. Not a Franchisee of Crusaders, thus unable to provide you with the invoice. Back to what I believe is reasonable and expected: I was expecting the following: BMC can get a pre-owned frame, load the same components (cost of labor is zero for them) and satisfy the customer whos heart was broken by unfortunate misfortune, the total cost to them probably would been less than R15k-20k, this is how I would of dealt with my customer!!! Since it falls on the deaf ears prior: I'M NOT GOING TO CLAIM FROM MY INSURANCE, NEVER. I suffered a loss and therefore intend to recover it legally
  6. The letter of demand will be served, hopefully this week followed by the summons. Will entertain the claim to the end and will keep you posted. In the meantime take your precious bikes there for the service, to support his legal expenses
  7. Let me make it very clear for you, I did NOT claim from their isurance, (its again an absurd assumpton), they BMC lodge a claim with their insurance knowing that such claim will be entertained, they estimated the replacement value. I had nothing to do with it, hope that will go on record
  8. You certainly have a wild fantasy, like George Costanza said it ones: its NOt a lie, if you believe.
  9. Firstly how relevant is to this thread the manufacturing date of bicycle? Secondly the reference to the stolen bike (in October) was made to point out that unfortunately its NOT an isolated incident to that bike shop. Thirdly its an absurd conspiracy theory, that will fall like the deck of cards, call the shop to confirm
  10. Everyone is entitled to have an own opinion on what the customer service is! "Do you know why you can't have sex on Red Square ??? Because they will torture you with advices. Why is everyone so eagerly trying to impose their advice and knowledge, if they are not asked for it ??? Hope none of you will have the same experience.
  11. Of course you welcome to spend your money anywhere you like, and in case you break your leg there, they have a public liability (:
  12. Stolen: Cannondale Evo 6 1992 When: 28 February 2021 Where: Cape Town, Western Cape Stolen from the BMC aka Bicycle Maintenance Company in Albert Road, Salt River, bicycle was brought in for a service (R750.00). The only bicycle was stolen is mine, the owners response was-you signed the disclaimer, go claim from your insurance. The shop owners choose not pay or selected the cover that would cover the 3rd party goods, feeling the pressure from me, claimed from their insurance via a public liabilty (had zero chances of succeeding) and of course the claim was repudiated. If you have NO insurance this is what's going to happen to you (unless they came to their senses and selected an additional cover), I would avoid this shop like a plague even if you have all sort of insurance in world, as in my case their customer service was NON-EXISTENT. They came up with the story that their broker had advised (sounded more like gave an order) not to engage with any form of contact to with me , the story their broker had denied. Pity as the owner has apparently a good reputation within the cycling community!!! Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
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