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  1. you should hvae riding and bunny hopped on his legs afterwards and his hands. just to make sure he wont hold that knife again.
  2. JA but slowpoke you FIT!
  3. we can discuss that.... but that area is a bit dodge that early in the morning and we normally go through emerentia park
  4. So far 1 PM. cmon people. If anyone is having problems with their wife.... put them on a bike and let them come ride with us for a hour + of relaxation (for you), just make sure she has a load of pepperspray (not for us)
  5. i might be able to ride weekends, but i know my partner wont be able to (new baby). where in the south are you?
  6. anyone you might know of? and who is equally NOT PRO rider fit...
  7. please email me at justis.saayman [at] kellygroup.co.za
  8. Would anyone here be interested or know anyone, pref beginner as me and my buddy are very unfit, in riding on tuesdays and thursdays afternoons from 4-5:30/6 PM in the Emerentia area, johannesburg? We would like to get a third or fouth as it would be a bit safer.
  9. yeah but i store should know otherwise
  10. good deal, but imediatly gives you a sneaky feeling about the service your getting.
  11. thanx the good lord for that, i knew what i was in for when i bought it component wise, i did alot of research and made sure the bike was fitted with the right stuff before i bought it.
  12. no, then we disagree. mikes bikes check all bikes because they are mass produced and they dont believe in giving a bad bike to a client. and if you spend 1000 or 20000, its your money and safety they put on the line if a pro "fitter" does not built your bike.
  13. widget, i totally agree with you, its like buying a pro camera from hifi corp, your taking the chance to buying it from a pro photographer in a pro photographer store.
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