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  1. Good day everyone may Cois make a complete recovery,and thank you so much to everyone who showed us love and kindness.Brett sent us the cash blessing which was more than then what we dreamt of.thank you to every who contributed and may all your dreams come true.Thank you to Martin for the insurance.Thank you to Andrew for being such an incredible human being he took good care for of us on Saturday.Thank you to Brett for being the driving force and Matt we appreciate you.Thank you to cycle lab for an amazing experience and their Bkindness.Bike hub thank you so much.shoooo thank you everyone you guys are angels and we promise to use our blessing wisely and also pay it forward.thank you to the Annon contributors too we might not know who u are but we appreciate you..everyone in this group is incredible..
  2. Hi everyone I would like to say thank you again for all your hard work and contributions...today the debt was wiped off from the stolen bike and we wouldn't have done it with out you....i would also like to thank Brett and Andrew who are always keeping me in the loop i appreciate your efforts so much..i also appreciate everyone who is trying and working hard to find the perfect bike....thank you so much.
  3. Good day all hope everyone is well , I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help and the kind hearts you all have, I didn't know that people like you guys still exist, the love that you have shown our family is truly remarkable and may God grant you all your heart desires you have truly been our light in darkness and please don't stop with us continue doing the good works giving people hope.. There is one thing that I would like to ask though from the message that Eddy sent, it is a good idea to buy a cheaper bike that he can use and the rest of the money will help us to pay off the old bike, buy groceries and probably some baby stuff because to be truly open with you things haven't been good so far and this money will help us in many ways, thank you very much once again and may God continue blessing you so that you keep helping more people this world needs people who are kind like you guys, I was really amazed and i'm sure Mr Nyathi will also be surprised as I have been keeping this whole thing as a secret to him.
  4. Thank you everyone for kind words we live in bromhof randburg and to save transport money my husband got this bike that we are still paying for mind you we just had a baby too 7 months ago.when he was coming back from the local shops the guy attacked him with a knife and rode away i have called police and alerted all the security companies to please help find it as we dont have a car.im depressed as we already dont have much....any help will be appreciated nomatter how small...the pain of paying for something you nolonger have.i have posted on our community face book group to.im so hopeless
  5. Scott innovation technology green and black
  6. How do i post pictures or can i give you my number u do it for me
  7. I can't seem to post pictures please help
  8. Please help us find a new scott innovation technology bike that is green and black stolen from bromhof randburg area..husband was leaving bromhof spar when the guy attacked him
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