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  1. Not looking for entertainment, i totally agree, this is a rants and rave sections and if you feel you have had bad service then you need to rant and if you feel you have had good service then you need to rave!
  2. /me gets pop corn out... munch munch
  3. Me tooo . hahah ouch! I have found no fault yet, when i bought my bike the gears where not setup 100%, i took it back and they set it up for me lekker!! Very happy for now!!
  4. I just want to say and recommend Jason and Max from Olympic Cycles!!! WOW, what great guys, and so clued up about what bikes and gear people require at different levels!!! Im totally stoked with the service and I wont go anywhere else!!!!
  5. Bwahahhahaahahhahah you guys hahahahaha Yeah man, its cool for them to join... but the boyz still have there days of hittin the dirt alone...
  6. Thanks all for the help and input! She is so excited... haha, and well now I guess its time to hit some trails... maybe well see some of you in the future.. thanks again for all the help!
  7. Thanks guys!!! She is going to paying for it! I just bought her the helmet and some bits in the end!! hehe Now i can buy some more for me..... heheJaMMeX2007-07-17 08:00:04
  8. OKay!!!! Updates guys!!!! She bought the Giant Rincon got it for a decent price R2700.00 http://www.giantbicycle.com/en-AU/bikes/mountain/169/22442/zoom/&preview=/ http://www.giantbicycle.com/_upload_au/bikes/models/zooms/2007/mod_rincon.jpgJaMMeX2007-07-17 07:39:58
  9. yeah.... its looking like the boulder... she is very excited.... I like the Scotts, but this one does not grab my attention.. the Giant seems more bang for your bucks...
  10. which bike you talking about Dirt-Rider? Best i can get on the boulder is R2100.00
  11. Or this Silverback Reno http://www.silverback.co.za/images/bike_pics/reno.jpg R2100.00
  12. Or a Giant Boulder http://www.giantbicycle.com/en-AU/bikes/mountain/169/22612/zoom/&preview=/ R2250.00 JaMMeX2007-07-17 05:22:34
  13. Check out this scott http://www.scottusa.com/product.php?UID=9699 I can get it for R2400.00
  14. You guys are the best and I would be lost with out you! Im going to go look at the Bolder at lunch time, will take a pic an post the specs! Apreciate all your help!
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