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  1. My wife is looking to by an entry level hardtail mountain bike. We are looking at options but not sure in terms of whether to get a woman specific bike or just an ordinary hardtail. I am looking for advice from women riders on what their experience has been. Please 😁 Regards
  2. Hi guys. I am going to Mykonos next week and looking for MTB trails in the area. Any suggestions? Happy Easter all.
  3. Thanks for your help guys. I will check it out.
  4. Hi all I recently bout a Marlin 7. My pedal came loose and the crank arm thread got damaged. Do any of you know where I could get a left Crank Arm? The crank that is fitted is FSA Alpha Drive, 28T steel ring, Boost, 170 mm length. I am in Cape Town Thank you in advance.
  5. Thank you all for your response. I am just starting out and looking to do some downhill rides and up hill climbs. I am looking for a mountain bike that can with stand heavy trails. I saw a bike at Game valued at about R5k. It is the Raleigh mxr 29er. It has Duel suspension but when I look at comparable bikes I see they valued over R30k. So I am not sure if it is a good bike to start out on. My budget is roughly R12k.
  6. I am looking to buy a new MTB for a beginner. I am looking at the Raleigh mxr 29er. Is this a good bike to start out with?
  7. I am looking at buying the new Raleigh mxr 29er. Is it a good bike to start out on?
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