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  1. Hi everyone. I am considering buying this watch to track my MTBing. (if that's the phrase) I am wondering what your thoughts are on this watch. Can this watch be used for indoor biking eg.gym bike? Also are there any other options to consider? Thanks
  2. Hello everyone! I am looking to buy a bike computer or watch. I spent all my money on my new bike and thus have no money left. I want to spend as little as possible while still getting something good that'll last for a while. Easy right! I only mountain bike if that helps. Thanks so much.
  3. Hi everyone. What do you think about this computer. I can't decide between getting this or saving a bit to get a Garmin etc. Is it actually worth it to spend so much more? Thanks so much.
  4. Yeah I was actually going to buy the XOSS g+ computer but thought that I'd first consult the knowledge of the Bike Hub community. What do you guys think about it? Or should I save and wait for a Garmin etc.
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone. Really appreciate it. I'll use my phone for now. What would you all recommend I save for? I'll keep an eye out for a Garmin Edge 520 but what else should I check out? Thanks again
  6. Hi all! I recently bought a new bike and thus have no money left for anything else! However, I am in need of a new cycling computer and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for me. I am a Mountain biker who would like to be able to share rides on Strava and have a budget of R1000 if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks so much.
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