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  1. Dankie in elk geval Broker. Ek gaan sommer vir my bestel deur Grant Cycles - klink nie te ernstig nie.
  2. Jis, ek sal dit baie waardeer! Dankie
  3. Dankie, sal die Bouer Broers probeer
  4. I'm looking for a set of name plates for 9sp Ultegra STIs. (the plastic part attached to STI where the ULTEGRA name is printed on - see pic) Can anyone assist?
  5. Pretty good choice for a first road bike. Used to own a TCR2 - loved it! I remember my first race with my EddieMerckx was the Jock... 3 stages and 150km of hell. Groupset was warn so badly everytime the hill got steeper and the torque increased, the chain would come off. I had to make a plan so I sold a VW Beetle body for R1200 and upgraded my bike with a new chainring, chain and 105 STI levers . Some time later stripped the paintwork, chromed the chainstays and fork and sprayed the rest powder blue with cherry-pink (if ever there were such name for a color) EddieMerckx decals (similar colors to the EddieMerckx Corsa model). I even phoned the old man up in Belgium wanting him to send me new decals and a CulumbusSLX frame sticker for the bike to keep it as close to authentic as possible. He thought I was kidding.... I eventually cut a picture from a Merckx brochure I got from Queens' and stuck it on the frame.... Sold it for a tidy profit some years later for the TCR2... Boesman2007-08-30 06:17:21
  6. Searching for a bike for my gf and seeing the look on her face when she finally got it made me think back to the first bike I got... I remember scanning the JunkMail for bargains as being a student I had very little to spend. Eventually I bought a second 58cm Columbus SLX Eddie Merckx from a guy somewhere in the east rand for R1500. Complete with old fashioned shifters, wolber rims and Vittorio tyres. What a bike!! I've moved on since then but I can't stop myself from compairing every new bike I buy to that one and keep on thinking by myself, they are just not the same...
  7. Spinnekop - ek het gereeld werk toe gery van waar ek nou bly, maar na die soveelste nuus berig oor 'fietsryer dood gery' en kar/fiets ongeluks toneel waar ek verby gery het, het ek maar besluit dat miskien is die risiko nie die moeite werd nie. Veral nie met ons minibus kollegas op die paaie nie.
  8. How long is a piece of string Konafan? I'm a heavy fellow (96kg) that likes to push the big gears. I use to ride A category and was once a licenced rider back in the days... I'm fairly unfit at the moment though - but this is about to change.
  9. :-) I'm yet to meet a cyclist who is willing to wait 3 weeks for parts..... I want it and I want it NOW!!
  10. Mmmm, klink na 'n opsie. Ek werk in Jhb, so dit gaan maar vroeg moet wees.... anders oor naweke en trainer deur die week.. whoopie... :|
  11. I am moving to Centurion shortly but don't really know the roads yet. Does anyone have some details of groups riding in the area? Many thanks
  12. What is your favorite online cycle shop?
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