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  1. Thanks for the info. As I am totally new to cycling, I wanted to go brand new for a fresh start and confidence booster. As i progress and learn more about bikes, I will definetly check out all avenues before moving forward with a 2nd bike. Thanks
  2. Thanks for info. So Cycle lab has the 2022 Silverback Stride Expert large Frame in stock at R15k. I will get them to do a price match against Sportsmans as they have it R13k but have to wait for stock as they will bring from Jhb branch. I have watched a few videos on that bike and reviews were great. So for a New rider, I think I will go for the Silverback. Thanks
  3. Hey Guys So I have not ridden a bike in over 20 years. Decided to take up riding as a hobby for health reasons, just turned 40.... so you know for my budget I have checked out the Silverback Stride Expert 2022 model. Also seen many reviews on Scott bikes like Aspect 960, etc. How would you compare the Silverback to Scott? Any further advise on choosing a bike as I will mainly be riding the bike at the beach area in DBN.. Not so much off road trails. Thanks in advance
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