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  1. On line entries now open on www.championchip.co.za Who will be first?
  2. The plan is 3 day stage race in which you can only ride one or two stages if you do not have the time for three stages. Long weekend 24 to 27 September 2009. Distances between 50 and 100 km over three stages. Same weekend it is the Spring festival. Entry will include entry into festival. Lots of music and Bosveld hospatality. Camping available at R 140 anight per CAMPSITE FOR 6 people. Friday afternoon Kiddies ride for the kids. Sunday social MTB. Any one interested? Naboomspruit is now Mookgophong.Andre Engelbrec2009-06-24 09:49:10
  3. Yip .. CIPRO data would be interesting ... then, surely cyclingSA financial statements should be open to members, right? If so, then there must be some payment to HighOrbit for the hosting of cyclingSA website .... Was advocated on TV that CSA is a very transparent organisation and therefore they will publish financial statements on their web-site. Looked a week or so ago and no financial statements after some questions were asked. Why? Who cares who owns myrace. This is the second year it is a shambles. Last year the big chief did not want to know of potential myrace problems and was hell bent on continuing with them? Even after many people voiced their dissastisfaction. Everyone else was steamrollered. Read somewhere that the big chief should resign from his well paying lekka travelling job should the problems not be sorted out. Why no resignation yet. What was the specifications of the system and the procurement and tender process that was followed. Like the tender process in respect of hosting SA Champs that had to be implemented by the big chief which was never implimented and the decision was taken by big chief himself irrespective of the fact that two other provinces were not given the opportunity to "tender" on the tender process which was not implemented and was not followed.
  4. "Despite some isolated cases of delayed delivery of licence cards, we?re fully behind our new online membership/licensing system, myrace.co.za. We?ve traced the hold-ups in the delivery process to being largely from clubs to their members. We are doing our best to educate clubs with regards to the new system so that they can get the licence cards from their provincial governing body (where CSA sends the cards to) to their members. If it wasn?t so costly, we?d courier cards to every single applicant, but we?re using our resources and budget as efficiently as possible and it?s up to clubs to commit their support to the new system to ensure it works as smoothly as planned." How can you so blatantly blame the clubs while all of us know the problem is on your side with your crap system. THE BIGGEST JOKE IS WE HAD ANOTHER ROUND OF DELIVERIES. AFTER THESE DELIVERIES SOME OF OUR MEMBERS HAVE 4 [FOUR] LICENSED CARDS. WHO WILL CARRY THAT EXPENSE. IN THE PREVIOUS NEWSLETTER YOU ALSO BLAMED THE CLUBS. PLEASE ONES AND FOR ALL ADMIT FAILURE ON YOUR SIDE AND STOP BLAMING THE CLUBS. GET OUT THE COFFEE SHOP AND INTO YOUR OFFICE, ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES AND DO YOUR JOB.
  5. Saw some dude on a mtb at 19:30 in the pitch dark on a busy road being escorted by some dumb ass in a jeep (fly girl) obstructing the traffic at 17km/h. No wonder motorists are so aggro towards us. Complete with lights. Ride on the pavement it is more fun.
  6. Andre Engelbrec2009-04-25 12:03:42
  7. It is your clubs fault see the latest newsletter by your COO. Do not blame CSA or My Race blame your club.
  8. WHAAATTTT!!! Now I've lost all respect' date=' how can I expect the girls who have been dropped not to join bunches if the pro ladies do it. How disappointinhg, not impressed!! [/quote'] At the start the ladies bunch Junior to 50 + was asked if they want to join the men when caught. Nobody objected and a decision was taken to allow them to do just that. Only 20 ladies on results in this bunch (151). 5 elites (3 finished together) 8 30 - 39 6 40 - 49 1 50 + 1 60 + For afety sake I preferred this option as it allows the ladies a bit more protection in a bunch versus all on their own. Fantastic winning time of 4:00:22. Well done Ema Bosch who at the age of 68 finished in 6:37:30
  9. Is it my imagination or is Omar's number 300?
  10. Napalm jou dom ***..n asshole lees wat ek geskryf het. Ek vra jou wat jou aandeel in alles is om rede jy altyd wal gooi vir CSA, my raceetc, etc.
  11. Ag Napalm verdedig jy nou al weer. Vertel ons liewer wie jy is.
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