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  1. I rode stage 1 with Captain Morgan at the weekend. Awesome. Thats one mean hill. Rideable, but a killer.
  2. 1 week to go, and Day 2 is now ready. As good as day 1. Just the marking to do. I think there are still some entries left. Hope to see you next weekend in the beautiful wild coast.
  3. Stolen last weekend, in the eastern cape. 2009, red, black and white.
  4. The weather is pretty unpredictable at that time of year, but it's stunning whatever. Day 2 is always the toughest, and this year will be no different, just a new, equally challenging route. Bring it on.
  5. danimal

    Wild Coast rides

    When are you going to be here? I'm based in port st johns at the moment, organising the Wild Coast Rampage. I'd be happy to take you out, if your in this area in the next few weeks.
  6. Day 1 is completely ready. Mind blowing. Forest, hills, coast, tons of single track, river crossings, dirt roads, remote villages, super friendly locals and some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. I hope I'm not giving too much away!!!
  7. danimal

    Wild Coast rides

    You see it is this kind of attitude that attracts trouble. I ride through the wild coast regularly, and out of the main towns, these are the friendliest people you could meet. A wave and a molo goes a long way. People, even surly youths light up when greeted in a friendly way. Give it a try, it's got some of South Africa's most spectacular scenery and it is naturally a mountain biking heaven. The tapestry of footpaths
  8. The final piece of the day one puzzle was found yesterday. An amazing path/singletrack through indigenous forest, linking everything up. So, today I'm off to put it all together.
  9. I rode the first half of day 2 yesterday, it really is special. Apart from the staggering scenery and diversity, the thing that keeps blowing me away is the friendliness of the locals. I've been here for weeks, riding past people houses in the middle of nowhere and I haven't experienced 1 negative vibe. Heart warming stuff.
  10. Good stuff, I'm sure he's going to love it.
  11. The routes are looking amazing. I'm off doing a 21st ride for the first half of day 2 now. I love my job.
  12. I have been busy getting the tails ready for the race, (in less than 4 weeks, yikes). It is simply staggering, the quality of the trails out here. There is such diversity. I am out everyday on the routes, and am constantly overwhelmed by the scenery, warmth of the locals and the amazing trails. This is going to be a unique race, not least by it's location. Bring it on.
  13. danimal


    Cool, bring your zula. We're trying to turn Hogsback into a mountain biking mecca. There are already quite a few trails, myself and a few of the staff go out all the time.
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