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  1. www.oneproject.co.za They are also on Facebook....just page through it....I am sure you will find it. Start out at Emmarentia dam at 7 on Sunday.....43km later, after two or 3 refeuling stops....return around 12.
  2. Not an 'event' as such so you not going to get seeding points....Tour de Jozi on Sunday. Sounds like an interesting 45km ride........
  3. Close this thread and go collect your smarties.
  4. ....oh and thanks to everyone for waiting for me while I did all my on road 'repairs'
  5. Uggghhh. I cannot make this week-end or the 17th. But defnitley next time as I have not been to VG yet and would really like some company to show me the routes....
  6. Jeezzz....was I that far behind that I missed the photo? Does this mean I have to go back and get my own pic taken....???
  7. Great ride yesterday and good to meet some more fellow Hubers.... Thanks Mons for all the encouragement up that little slope and then all the way back to Base.
  8. On a serious note....you need to let us origional Slow and Unfit riders know of these things and I am sure we can get a group together to support these causes.....especially at this time of the year.
  9. Your ride only starts at 2pm........so you can do Breedts in the morning, start at 6, back home by 12, rest for an hour, back to Braamfontein at 1, ready for 2 O' Clock start. Easy...
  10. granny gear?????? (but I refuse to walk it again!!!!!!!!!)
  11. I knew you could not resist !!!! ha ha ha!!!
  12. No worries for now I am on the Biogen Magnesium tabs. Will see once those are finished. But thank you again for all your help with this.....
  13. That is NOT an acceptable excuse...................use the SS ..
  14. I am so there.......but it will have to be a gentle base ride.
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