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  1. Hi DR Well, I type slowly, but will give you some hope ... hope for me as well mine is C4 -5-6. and my spinal cord is badly damaged upper neck, and yes I am back on the bike I do 4 rides a week..... with all the pain in my shoulder and arm.....I am medical unfit for work , but yes, fissio and bio do helps, for me yes helps a lot with all the spasms, and movability but yes, I believe you have to be head strong , accept your bodies and try to build the nerves up again. My accidents was1.6 years ago. and I am still very weak in my right leg (I had 6 Desert Dash solos) but every 20 km now is a win, just don't go and sit on the couch, and now i realize every km count, you have to work for it with pain, but just do it!!!!! I was paralyzed last year for some time..... and i know how sweet it is to be able to ride my bike again. Lame left leg and lots of pain....still so sweet to be on the bike again. I am so fortunate... Be strong Boet, you will win, it is in your head..
  2. Done with F1,... for ever, was like watching a ANC meeting. Would like to ask Lewis about the pregnant lady in KZN that throat got slit yesterday as well as all the farm murders. Lets watch sport, and not a political amusement park. Beach football is my next sport to watch, just hope politics dint get a tap on that as well.
  3. Just cut the plastic ridge away with a sharp knife. I use my Polar strap now for more than 3 years, no problem at all.
  4. ......and ad on the heat, and the wind!!
  5. Yea, for a Namibian it was woes cold -27 deg!
  6. I do both.....but powered is like f#cking with a condom!
  7. Yes, you have some great schools around you, do it!! You will not regret!
  8. Kilimanjaro in the background. Was a great experience.
  9. Paragliding of the top of Kilimanjaro....
  10. Paragliding hot air balloon jump over the Namib desert....
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