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  1. If you are asking this question because you want to train better for racing, then the answer is to stay as close to your race setup as possible. For example, I had a carbon cervelo when I rode fulltime for racing, but I rode a alu cervelo with the exact same setup as my carbon bike. That way your body become trained not only from a fitness/cardio point of view, but it also becomes trained against fatigue, road harshness, etc. I would therefore recommend that you either train on your race rig (cause carbon doesnt really "get old") or buy a more entry level frame of the same make to train on (alu or carbon) and set it up with the same saddle, stem, handlebar and pedal system. That would be the best for training to get you ready for your racing. If its not for racing, then train on whatever makes you feel good!!!
  2. You know I haven't been on the hub for a while but nothing seems to have changed. Still filled with lots of people who have nothing better to do than bitch about stuff that should actually be exciting. Maybe some of you guys should do the stage race. Sure they have a category for Biatches aged 2-4. LOL!
  3. Hi Guys I am in the US for a short time and wanted to extend a service to you all whilst I am there. I know there are similar services out there, but non-cycling specific and few that do anything else other than just redirect postage. So, if you guys are looking for any goods from the US that doesnt ship to RSA let me know and I can organize to get it to you for a fee. PM me if you are interested. Otherwise, let me know which products you would be interested in seeing in SA as I am currently researching new products to import. Cheers, The_Break
  4. Those are real. You can see by G3 rear spoke pattern, the skewers and the wheelbags. I used to own a set. The spokes should also be slightly flat and if never tensions aligned with direction of travel.
  5. Thats probably just paint. To crack carbon which will form a crack pattern running from a point you really need to do some serious damage. That does not look like enough damage. If it was a single hairline crack that ran fairly straight and long than a few cm I would be concerned. That looks ok, just cosmetic, I would do as suggested regarding insurance though. Good luck man!
  6. Aluminium is much more prone to cracking and softening over time than carbon is. So I would rather have an insured carbon frame that will get replaced than an alu frame that will soften and crack and I will have to replace out of my own pocket.
  7. Take a R5 coin (or any other) and tap around the mark and then over the mark. If there is no change in the pitch of the sound then your bike is 100%. If you notice that in some places there is a change in pitch, almost to a duller thud then you may have problems. Insurances will almost certainly ask you to send them the bike for inspection if you want to claim from them and they will then employ a few different non-destructive methods to check if the crack is indeed a crack. This is very expensive for them to do so they are not always very forthcoming. A better way to do this is have them place it on record with an agreement that if the crack propagates later then you can still claim (important! - even if you no longer use them as insurers at that time). Obviously they will want to set a time limit which is kinda fair. Say 2 years. Hope this helps!
  8. Good day to win some cash. Just fiund out that if you use your visa card to pay you get an extra sticker. There are also a whole lot of Kias to win.
  9. Oh, so my one mate had a good laugh when I told him about this. Told me I was getting weird. Yesterday he pops over with some stickers. Says to me "just in case it works, wouldnt mind some spare cash." hehe i had a good laugh cause he never eats McDs. Taking one for the pocket team.
  10. First stickers arrived. Have some near complete sets already. Keep sending them guys. Thanks so far.
  11. Try a supersized milkshake after a longride. Sort you out onetime.
  12. Great! Thanks very much! I wish we could all get something from this venture.
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