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  1. LOL, not that's just a pic i grabbed from Google images
  2. Thanks for comments so far.. Keep 'em coming...
  3. Hey guys Mate of mine is looking at getting a Raleigh Team Carbon: Can you please give some feedback on this bike in particular, and also owning a carbon bike in general: likelihood of breaking/cracks etc etc... Thoughts please? Thank you!
  4. Group OE, 9:56 First Argus; first seeding race event. I'll be bringing up the rear
  5. I reckon this route encompasses the most evil that PE has to offer http://g.co/maps/pztn5 Kragga Kamma Right into Lakeside Right into Seaview Left into Cape Road Left into Draaifontein Down "The Wall" Right into M9, up "Maitlands Climb" Left into Seaview up "5k Climb" Left into de Stades, the easy way over the "3 Sisters" Up "The Wall" Right into Tembani Right into Seaview Left into Kragga Right into Lakeside Left up "Old Seaview" Left up "Chelsea" Up "Welcome Ave" Back to Kragga Kamma Who's keen?
  6. Good idea, thanks! Have heard about this climb, but not yet done it. Will be sure to do it in a group though, for safety sake. Thanks! The event sounds like a great practice run, although I've made a plan to cycle to jBay on Saturday, and back on Sunday - Both times through Van Staden's valley, which is quite a climb too...
  7. Hey guys Doing my first Argus this year. Can anyone from PE who's done it, recommend some climbs that rival the steepness/length of some of the climbs on the Argus Route? For eg: The Wall Maitlands towards Beachview Beachview towards Maitlands Maitlands towards, and including de Stades ('3 Sisters') Old Seaview Road, into Chelsea etc... Don't wanna be taken too much by surprise at the Argus so would love to get a list of the most daunting hills in PE and try combine them into a single ride Thanks for your comments!
  8. Oh sorry to bug... also just noticed that the Classifieds dropdown menu link for "indoor trainers", goes to "hydration packs". IE it's linking to https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/category/76-hydration-packs/ instead of https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/category/62-indoor-trainers/ FYI...
  9. Hey TheHub Mods Loving the new forum design Noticed something odd with the thumbnails attached to posts though, especially in classifieds. They're currently looking like this -> http://d.pr/OCFN Meh... With just a teensy bit of CSS awesomeness: #attach_wrap {float:left;} You get this -> http://d.pr/stXV Much of niceness Just a thought... Use it, don't use it
  10. #willytingler http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIe6hYAdw_I
  11. Geez I would be paranoid driving around with my bike being held in with suction cups.
  12. Ya I just called Wayne Pheiffer and he told me as much... The Thule roof racks + required cross bars etc is about R3.5k and then you still gotta get the bike rack itself which is another R2k... I was concerned about the reliability/trustworthiness of the "strap-on" bike racks but he reckons Thule have a 6-point strap-based bike rack that is 100% safe and only costs ±R1200 which is more in my budget...
  13. Perhaps, but its more than I was looking to spend... I mean its a 1.6 - not like i'm going to be able to tow anything else I'm installing it JUST to carry my bike around. I have the strips on my roof with the roofrack mounting points, so I'll get the racks myself.. What I'm more looking for, is feedback on which Thule(?) roof rack mounted bike rack to get and if there are any considerings to keep in mind with regards said rack.
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