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  1. Morning, its my understanding that you have to work thru your bike shop and that you cant contact Scott Directly... Pls find Pics attached. Even the brake levers are rusting.The bike was always garaged. Not happy about this.
  2. Hi fellow hubbers. I recently noticed rust (aliminium oxidization) under my top tube of my Scott Spark. The bike still falls under the 5yr warranty period. I have spoken to a number of people saying that Scott wont easily replace. Anyone else had a similar experience and outcome or can give advise? Keep safe out there 💪👍🏼
  3. Hi Hubbers, anyone bought cycling clothing from Rapid Sports in cpt and can give feedback on the quality of their garments?
  4. Input apreciated. ???????? I want boerewors for my buck Eddy...????
  5. Morning Hubbers! Happy Monday! ???? Need too insure my bike. Any suggestions on best value for money??? Best quote i got so far was R300 for R65k replacement. Pls no Brokers!
  6. Guys thank you very much for all your input. The last thing i'm worried about at this stage is weight on my bike. I have very strong legs with calves the size of rugby balls. I need a Hardy Rim. The bike came out with these and i got the bike at a very good price so i did'nt ask to many questions. These wheels have leterally done only 17km, should i appraoch my seller and see if he wont swop them? I want to hit the mountains on Thursday and there will be rocks and plenty of it. Really dont feel like walking back home... Thanks again all! Appreciate it!
  7. Hi Hubs, i recently bought a new Silverback Vida2. Bike is awsome but a friend of mine suggested that i should look into changing my rims. I am a big boy, 115kg. I am also the tipe that likes the rougher the better. I only just got into the sport and i layed out some big tom recently getting everything i need, the last thing i need now is to stuff up a rim. My question is this, can i go rough it up on these ZTR Crest (slx) rims taking by body weight into consideration? Any suggestions welcome. Regards, Fat Cobra!
  8. I need some advise from the experts pls? I can buy a 2010 Giant Anthem x3 for R11500. Bike is in very good condition and i am on the verge of doing the deal. Good buy or Bad buy? All input will be appreciated. Keep well. Regards, Fat Cobra
  9. Why? Im a big Merida Fan. Bikes are all running fairly good components which i can always change in future as well.
  10. Budget is 9K. The following 3 bikes caught my eye but which one to buy???? * Merida TFS 500 29ER * Siverback Vida 3 * GT Karokorum 1.0 HELP!
  11. Hi All, Im from PE and want to purchase a bike in JHB. What steps can i take to ensure a succesfull transaction. Anyone any advice with regards to payment method and security ect?
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