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  1. Hey guys & Gals AXT IS busy launching its whole new xtreme sports platform part of the change is to include Teams in Various extreme sports. AXT Would like to start a DH / Freestyle Crew this will give you plenty of perks as well as being part of a DH crew. Interested join our Fan Page and wait for the official launch.. http://www.facebook.com/pages/AXT-Xtreme-Sports/147042928712084
  2. HEY ALL SO 10.00am TOMORROW TOKAI PARKING Will be Wearing -DH- Gear so cant miss me. see you there if you coming
  4. Thanks for the replies guys Its not learning to do it myself that scares me im quite passionate about the sport and quite frankly i have moved from being annoyed with lego to be annoyed with getting MTB components on right It is the adjustments im scared of i always think that the adjustment is not to its best because im the one who did it thanks for the you tube video bro makes sense
  5. So i decide to go ride street to practice some skills at night cause i work and all .. I Ride 50 meters out and bam one of the links on the chain f... out god knows why making the rear Derailleur and drop out hook onto the spokes subsequently bending the 2 components (deraileur/drop out). So i presumed it cant be that bad cost wise, bend here and there. Today i get the call R1060 for Derailleur and the drop out with labor , Look on a site the same Derailleur cost R500 but here is the issue don't have anyone to help out for FIX Anyone keen on making a buck on the side when i **** up and cant fix myself.
  6. Oh and seriously????? NOW THAT SHOULD BE LIKE A BAN FROM THE HUB !!!!! Dorky which is your opinion and to my years of riding the only one regardless dorky is cooler than disfigured
  7. Jeez everyone has been rather busy in the 5 hours i was not on the Hub. It saddens me to see that people argue when a equally shared passion is at cause true that the arguments are at times justifiable and that xc and DH is completely different but at the end its all about owning set of wheels and sharing the passion (apologies to the unicycles in your case a wheel) To come back to the filming story I think in most cases DH riders ride for themselves beyond anything else so modesty i think is usually to the rendez vous , But with all this i still dont know who is coming which suck's cause promised the man i would let him know how many are pulling through and i realize sunday is shuttle day but the tokai filming is only from 10-12/13pm so it's worth it
  8. WHERE= Tokai DAY= Saturday 13th TIME= 10.00am WHY= You Tube footage(go pro sa) WHO= Good - semi skilled DH Riders Coming??? Theaxt@gmail.com for more details NOTE : This is for fun, not for money or anything else so if you keen to demonstrate your skills pull through.
  9. -DH-

    AXT Sports

    Hey All So i usually post on the hub for personal use but today im taking the opportunity to tell you guys that i have just reopened AXT my sports company The Aim will be to organize events,comps,get togethers & many more most of it will be free or cost price to enter If you or your company can help me out with anything, prizes to offer, advice,contacts, information Please Let me know join my group http://www.facebook.com/pages/AXT-Sports/147042928712084
  10. WOW thanks for the heads up really appreciate it , will def take up the suggestion TX JULLZ
  11. Hey Dont think this sunday is a good day for filming purposes (rain and all) but im keen to join in for the ride though ,
  12. Sounds like you have some cool filming gear well Im thinking of putting a post on the hub (saying on this date we going to do some footage you got some skill bring it to the track I have friends + myself that will definitely be keen to do a film half day so Saturday or Sunday 9.00 am till 12.00pm meet at tokai go up and get some video footage in ,some jumps ,little explanation of the forest etc.. but i am open to times ,dates and suggestions just want to have a rad time and put the cool stunts on the net and get people to acknowledge tokai is a really cool track, Let me know what your thoughts are and when we could do some thing like this. jullz
  13. Hey i would like to round up few guys and make some you tube footage in tokai for downhill and tricks wondering if anyone is keen and if anyone has a good camera they could film with ?
  14. Yip but if the product was in the banner at that price they were probably just intending to do there indirect marketing and it worked cause you all shocked about it. quick tip for e-commerce sites at the top when entering or login or anything like that there is a lock at the top click on it and see if it a approved site , that will give you certitude that you dealing with legit people and also when people get ripped of they always make a point by telling as many people as possible so Google it and check out the forums. adios
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