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  1. Ok Rad, Thanks guys. Possibly a build day, clear a few wattle back from track and ride, this coming weekend or maybe easter friday?
  2. Ok thanks to this thread, I went and rode Blackhill again for first time in 9 months. The main line is running absolutely mint! Big thanks to the guys that maintained the lips of the kickers (mongooser?) Forgot how rad that spot is! Also great to see that theres minimal litter, probably all overgrown, but at least no evidence of new litter or vagrants. Definitely needs a cutting back of the wattle, thats taken over everywhere outside the main line! The flow line is kinda gone, totally overgrown, but we can harvest its good dirt and grey gravel for use on the main line! For this spot to survive it needs a crew thats willing to ride and maintain it, I'm keen to put some effort in again (at least on the main line) Anyone that wants to help, hit me up!
  3. Yeah, Duran and myself were probably the last guys to build/scratch around there about 4 years ago, before we started building blackhill. Still think theres loads of potential at chappies but its so sandy it makes a steepish lip or berm a hassle to maintain! I would suggest building more step down jumps, and using the steeper sections of the slope as landings (with flatter/ easier to maintain kickers) Theres also a sick slope hidden further down thats perfect for a big step down jump! Go for it dude, nobody owns those jumps, so if you can make any improvements then cool
  4. The line at chappies hasn't had any attention in years! potentially its a cool spot, but super sandy so you'll need loads of water and patience to build anything that lasts! Good luck
  5. Stolen bike and arrests were not from the blackhill incident! At least its still 1 victory for mtbikers vs muggers!
  6. Glad everyone is stoked on the track! Tried to cover all ability levels and yet keep it progressive. More tweeks to come, with some more wooden drops planned. Once that dodgy top walking path is cleared and safe, we will be extending the track up to the top parking area. Check out blackhill mtb on facebook if you have not already.
  7. So it seems one of the stolen bikes was recovered and two arrests have been made! Dont have anymore info than that at present. City have confirmed that they will be moving forward with the alien clearing asap. Good news all round!
  8. I dont think so, it's a massive undertaking. A lot of thick wattle and port jackson, I think it will take a full time dedicated team a few months to complete!
  9. The dodgy area is an old existing footpath that leads up, from behind the newly built blackhill mtb skill park/trail, towards he vey top of blackhill. It is only about 600m long, but overgrown and secluded, before it pops out on sanparks land that has already been cleared of alien vegetation. DON'T RIDE this section of trail!
  10. Hi guys The muggings have been on the same secluded and overgrown section of single track alongside blackhill rd/glencairn express way. We have been building the mtb skills park, just a bit further down the road, and have been in contact with city council. They seem keen to clear the alien vegetation, so there is a clear line of sight, but its a big job so will take a while! We are busy discussing security services patrols there on sat/sun mornings. Until there is a plan in place, please do not ride that upper section of overgrown trail!
  11. Hi guys, This is the secong mugging in 3weeks, on that secluded/overgrown stretch of single track! I am part of the team that has been building the blackhill mtb skills park, just a bit further down the road. We have contacted city council with regards to clearing all that alien vegetation, so there is at least clear line of sight, and are discussing possible security services patrols on sat/sun mornings. Until there is a plan in place, Please do not ride that stretch of single track/woodcutters trail above the skills park area! Its just too easy for muggers to target cyclist there!
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