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  1. Found a jacket up in Tokai on Tuesday the 1st of September. Contact me with the brand name and size of the jacket and I'll return to you.
  2. Wargrave road. Perps were wearing red. Roughly 7:30am
  3. Cops pulled this car over in the area this morning after going after a cash in transit truck. Cops with guns everywhere. Not sure if it's the same tazz by any slim chance?
  4. Hi, I'm also needing a bike rental, does anyone know of anywhere that rents in 2017?
  5. Hi, Can someone please help me with renting a mtb in the area? Ideally a large frame full suspension with disks. I come up every holiday, so I know the area. Just looking to rent a proper bike this time in order to get the most out of the trails thanks
  6. Hi, I know there are a few groups that ride along this route, but I'm lacking an invite Riding in winter is bad enough, not to have to do it alone would be great thanks Brian
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