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  1. Flange

    Desert Dash 2018

    Hi, any groups training for the desert dash in the Randburg/ Fourways area?
  2. Hi, are there any training groups / rides in the Randburg / four ways area ? Tks Charles
  3. Tks all for the comments ... appreciate them. I will certainly not build another wheel with a power tap that I will only be using 3 months a year. Will look at alternatives (heard the stages device may be an alternative) For the skeptics attached my Email Addr flange363@gmail.com. Pop me a note and you are quite welcome come have a look, I have a complete set of training equipment and a complete set of racing equipment. Alternatively check out my Garmin or Strava accounts to see the amount of road rides (excluding MTB where I spend most the year) that were done with power in the last 9 months. All weekly power training rides are done on an indoor Cycleops trainer. I have a long mail trail with the company (pop me an email and I will share it) and should you want to confirm any of the attached (which I did give buycycle the opportunity to respond) please mail Kristie@buycycle. My aim was to get information wrt my situation which I have now got... thank you and advise people to be careful of potentially purchasing old equipment online and that buycycle do not warranty their workmanship. I agree there are always three sides to the story, "Audi alteram partem". so please do. Tks Charles
  4. tks noted and agreed. let me try clarify. This run around has been ongoing for some time and the attached is really a condensed version. The verbiage under the "Buycyle's comment here" was only inserted this evening. I sent Buycyle a message on the 30/05 stating my side / view of what had happened (based on the carry-on of the past / previous couple of weeks) on the 08/05 I received a mail advising that the Manger would respond. As of today I have not heard from the manager. I arranged to collected my wheel on wed 15th. While collecting the wheel I was advised that Buycycle do not warranty their workmanship. I was also once again advised that the manager would call me. I have still not heard from the manager. The comment "I did however receive professional and timely feedback from Kristie at Bucycle" also needs a little context and probably in the wrong place. Kirstie has been trying to assist me and her communication and effort has been great over the past months. hope this clarifies. tks Charles
  5. hi, I just returned from doing Challenge Venice and traveled with a TT bike in a polaris bike box... did not have to pay a cent. there was something to do with the dimensions of the box... my bike box was within those.. you may want to check that.
  6. Do I have a case or is it just a risk one takes when building a Brand Wheel with a power meter. I purchased a Zipp Wheel from Buycycle online store just over a year ago and had a Powertap built in. The build was completed by buycycle. The wheel has less that a 1000 km’s (potentially a lot less) of riding as I only use it for racing. During a ride the wheel became so buckled that I had to disconnect the brake system to make it home. After some investigation it was discovered that the wheel had “cracks” in four places. Buycycle collected the wheel and sent it to Cape cycles (suppliers of Zipp wheels in SA?) who advised the following after investigation : “The reply I have received from Cape Cycles is that they do not deal with the public and that the zipp wheel will not be covered by warranty as it does not meet the full warranty requirements. The following reasons have been supplied to me : • The wheel is more than two years old. • The spoke tension tool ( PARKTOOL TM-1) gave a reading of 18, the spokes should be 13. (INCORRECT TENSION / OVERTENSIONED) They have also highlighted in red why the wheel set will not pass warranty below This warranty does not apply to damage to the product caused by a crash, impact damage, abuse of the product, non-compliance with manufacturers specifications of usage or any other circumstances in which the product has been subjected to forces or loads beyond its design. This warranty does not apply when the product has been modified”. So my questions are as follows so as to not make the same mistake again. 1) How is the wheel already two years old. Are bicycle store’s selling “old” stock and does warranty begin from date of purchase or date of manufacture. 2) Should we avoid buying from online store… better to see the product? 3) Should companies not warranty their workmanship? An almost 30 % deviation from “spec” is just poor workman ship. How many other customers have experienced the same thing? 4) Are there reputable wheel builders that will warranty their workmanship as I need to rebuild the power tap into another wheel? 5) From the Zipp warranty T&C’s, wheels are not warrantied when modified (and I am sure this is the same for all other wheel manufactures). Does it then make sense to build a power tap into a wheel and accept the risk of being out of pocket (as I am) when neither the wheel manufacturer nor the wheel builder (in this case buycycle) will warranty their work. May make sense to use other power meter devices. Buycyle Response here: Buycycle were provided more than two weeks to respond. To-date I have received no formal response. The only feedback I received when going to collect my wheel was that “Buycyle do not warrantey their workmanship”… was absolute gob-smacked. I did however receive professional and timely feedback from Kristie at Bucycle.
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