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  1. Morning love2fly... really sorry to read this! Do you remember who you dealt with? We support our products 100% against any manufacturing defaults, I believe it is one of our strengths as a local company... We can certainly repair your bibs, please drop me a pm. On the two weeks it would take, just so you can understand, our factory is in Parys and during the hard lockdown in April, we only had one trip a week between it and our offices, usually around the middle of the week. So if we got your bib on a Friday, it would only get to Parys the next Tues likely, and return the Tues thereafter. It was just a sad reality of the current constraints. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and please let me know where I can help Kind regards Andrew
  2. Hi Tanith, thanks for the enquiry In terms of our paddings, we don't put an hour allocation to them - that's more of a marketing gimmick in all honesty - because the 'hour rating' is as much to do with the rider as the padding. The key to not getting a sore bum on the bike is 3 things - a good bib, a good(and suitable) saddle and time in the saddle. You can wear a R6000 bib and still get a sore bum on a 20km ride. The padding in all our new ladies bibs and shorts is the Ergonomic padding (ladies specific version of course) which we believe is a fantastic all round padding that covers both road and mountain biking... it is what your friend would have had in her bib too I am pretty sure. The padding does just get small tweaks over the years as technologies and ideas evolve, but the principles and shape remain in general. The bibs also have a subtle silicone sewn into the leg bands which grip nicely, with-out being overly aggressive about it... we try to minimize the 'sausage' effect while still keeping the bibs in place. If there is anything further I can help with, please just give me a shout Thanks Andrew
  3. Sadly the 4th of August will be the Pretoria Factory Outlets last day of business... With the mass sporting industry still closed for the foreseeable future, it was sadly just not a viable option to keep it's doors open any longer. We would like to thank everyone for their support of the branch over the years. There are also still some great deals available if you want to come say a last goodbye. Thanks and stay safe everyone
  4. Our Anatomic Black Friday Sale kicks off today... 9am in store There is a blanket 20% discount on everything in store, but many items are 50% off with some even as much as 75% off. That is well below our manufacturing price. We're pretty serious about getting you great deals to close this year off in thanks for all the great support you have shown us as a local manufacturer. There are extended shop hours til 7pm tonight and Friday night to also make it a little easier for you to grab a bargain or two. Keep an eye on here for some of the bargains you will find in store...
  5. Our newest brand ambassador Marco Abrahams from Cycle Fit in his custom Anatomic Gear - wearing an Elite Cycling Jersey and the soon to be launched Platinum cut bib...
  6. Lynn runs our Cape Town store... wonderful women that. The Spur range of kit has been a real revelation - lovely to see them getting the support they deserve for bringing our kids such an awesome series. Must get some pics up on here of the items... that Pac Me Shell in particular is a thing of beauty!
  7. Clubs approved... we will try get the stock out asap, just need to find some production space at the factory, but I would imagine it should be in stock within the next month, hopefully even sooner. Easter just makes life a little trickier with all the holidays around. Thanks again for the passion and support Chris... we will of course be requiring a pic of you and the little guy when you hit that first ride
  8. It's been a bit of a process soslow, but I think we are pretty much there with our upgraded Trisuits... I will post you guys a pic, just need to make up a final sample and get out some pics. Durban Half IM might be a bit too soon for us, but shouldn't be long after that Thanks for the interest
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