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  1. Thanks ya going to try find some other riders to help me out!
  2. Lol thanks for the offer but this was literally the first time on a mnt bike so think I will have to get back to you on that one. I thought being fit was being fit lol but apparently running fitness, swimming fitness and riding fitness are all very different!
  3. Ha ha I aimed for a bush and flattened it to land on a rock!
  4. Thanks I will try keep going lol. I just need to find people with patience to ride with or get the guts to go alone. I guess the on;y way to get better is to ride. I went to the bike shop now to get bike a bit sorted after my fall and he says that tokai is a bit hectic for a first cycle and the koeberg is a good idea. Soo koeberg it will be this wknd
  5. Ha ha my bum is to sore to get on it today! will have to wait for the wknd. Thanks will do!
  6. ha ha if I had someone like that I wouldn't need to come on here for help lol. do they sell them at the cycle stores?
  7. Ha ha I didn't know it was possible but I may feel even more anxious after reading all of that. cos I think I am doing everything wrong. Had a chuckle reading the what to does and thinking didn't do that and reading the what not to does and thinking I tick every box in that list. Jeepers I need help. Thank you so much for all your replies. I think I need to go for a few rides with just my girl friend and not her bf that wants us to do things that serious bikers do. Also need to learn not to look at the things I don't wanna go over cos "murphy" here hit everyone of them. As for the not breaking and speed thing that sounds VERY scary at the moment!!!!
  8. Hi, I went for my first jeep track mountain bike this morning and I thought the hard part would be getting up. It turns out that the going down is the real hard part! I was sooo terrified and bailed as well. So I wondered if anyone had any tips on how to get some more confidence? or any advice?
  9. Great thanks added you on fb
  10. Hi, My self and a friend have just got mountain bikes and keen to get on them. Are there any beginner groups in the southern suburbs on the weekends that we could join? or anyone willing to help us out with advice etc. We would really appreciate it!
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