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  1. Problem is It's 40mm most affordable sets only do to 30mm
  2. Can anyone advise me on how to remove the floating pivot bearing from housing. Is it a straight through that can be pushed through or does it have ridge for seating bearing.
  3. Are these rims good for trail riding?
  4. Has anyone used these rims? Are they any good?
  5. Did the 30km! What a lekker day out will definitely be doing this event again
  6. For my little guys birthday! Just a big up to Jaun at TJP cycles! What great service from these guys!
  7. I ride a Sprada and all smiles from me! Really happy with the bike
  8. BOMB centurion build bikes for less fortunate people. Im sure they would appreciate the parts and stuff https://m.facebook.com/BOMBCenturion/
  9. I will be in and out USA over the next three years and was wondering if there was a gap for items in USA that is in demand here is SA?
  10. Oh no???? Just ordered from ebay today and its Royal Mail.....
  11. Anyone know where or if these are available in South Africa?
  12. Does anyone know if and where one could find these tyres in South Africa?
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