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  1. I was really indecisive about the Pro vs the Sapphire, but ended up ordering the 6x Pro from EasyBike this morning. The R3k extra for the Sapphire was just too big a difference for the same functionality. I'll put a screen-protector on and see what happens. Excited to try out the new features.
  2. No music, maps, or wifi on the standard 6, only on Pro/Sapphire/Solar. The rest seems to be relatively the same features. Personally I wouldn't settle for the standard. dcrainmaker has several nice videos on the Fenix 6 range.
  3. This made me chuckle a bit. Second hand on a watch thread...
  4. Thanks, that helps. I'm going to go see if one of the stores has an open box of the Pro so I can see the color.
  5. So I am looking at buying the Fenix 6x. I'm leaning towards the Sapphire, but would probably have bought the Pro from Takealot for R9999 if I didn't miss that deal last week. The Pro is R12k at Takealot now, and the Sapphire is between R15k and R16k. At these prices I'll probably still go Sapphire (unless I get a really good deal on the Pro somewhere). I'm currently on a Fenix 3 (not Sapphire, not HR) I love the color of the bezel. Does this color compare to the 6x Sapphire bezel? Not so sure about the black on the Pro. Amazon is the same price as local after shipping, duties and having to buy additional maps. I've checked Takealot, Makro, EasyGIS, Navworld, Cape Union and Sportsmans Warehouse. Have I covered my options there, or are there any other suggestions on where to compare prices?
  6. I wear my Fenix 3 (not Sapphire and not even the HR) permanently. It's still going strong, but I'm tempted by the 6. Would prefer the Gray Sapphire, but $$$$. I understand the screen on the 6X Pro is less scratch resistant, but anybody have an opinion on the quality of the black finish on the 6X Pro? My Fenix 3 is years old and still looks good. The gray hides the scratches quite well, so bit concerned about how well the black is going to handle the day to day bumps and scratches.
  7. Thanks for the info. Ended up finding a pair at LBS. Might be older "model", not sure, but good price.
  8. I'm quite happy with my Indola thebusiness enduro baggies, but the lockdown seems to have shrunk them, so I have to order a larger size. The black is in stock but it seems to be a different material from the others. I have the charcoal one. Anyone have experience with both materials that could compare the two?
  9. Wow. That's nice. Big fan of the "muted" color.
  10. Although I'm not actively posting on this thread, I do follow it. I'm finding it comforting to read that I was not the only one that went through a "challenging" winter. Picked up a couple of kgs over the last two months and now need to get back on track. Thanks to everyone sharing.
  11. Thanks for all the details. Going through to Pta for a meeting tomorrow, so will be taking the long way home...
  12. I suppose having a variety of shops would be best to compare some options and prices. Will possibly take a drive through on Saturday morning.
  13. Thanks for all the feedback. Had a look at the "Normal" ones today, but will hold out until I can have a look at the Enduro then.
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