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  1. Hi All, If I am looking to ship a bicycle frame, up from CPT to JHB. Is there anyone who can box the item down in CPT and send it up to JHB. I am trying to make it as little hassel as possible for the seller... Anyone had a courier company box the frame and bring it up to JHB.
  2. I am looking for the best place in Gauteng to by Specialized gear and accessories. It seems to be super pricey, isn't there an outlet store somewhere or is that wishful thinking...
  3. I guess I wont be entering the 20km then, will have my butt kicked by 10 year old, not good for the ego , Entering 45km at least we staying around there so if it takes me all day its fine . My 2nd ever race only did 20km trailseeker- Cullian before, seems like I am going to learn another level of suffering @ this race.
  4. Hi, Looking to buy a gift for someone who does mountain biking. I am confused if I should go Rudy Project, Adidas or Oakley??? I am swaying towards Rudy Project but now Rydon or Agon? I cant find the difference online? Are Photo-chromatic lenses a good idea? Would really appreciate any help
  5. Hi I Have searched virtually every cycling store in Johannesburg in the search of a Scott Mens mountain bike jersey. Does anyone know who in Johannesburg stocks Scott apparel? Thanks
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