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  1. Howsit chaps, good to see that the banter is still continuing a year later. I have tried and I have failed but I won't give up. I deleted my Facebook and Instagram because it was a mad distraction and wasn't good for my well being. A month later I'm feeling much more positive because of it. I won't delete Youtube though. I hope you are all well and enjoying the riding out there.
  2. Hey Dave I highly rate the Bryton GPS units. They are only 1.5k to 2k and have 32 to 36 hour battery life.
  3. You guys have provided me with a source of entertainment with these threads and I appreciate that. I was unable to do what I set out to do but at least I gave it my best shot. Will I give up? No way. Will I change my strategy? For sure. Will I complete an Everest before doing another world record attempt? Yes because I love cycling. Will I continue to shoot the **** on the hub? This is better than Youtube. Here is an article on my experience for those who are interested. http://www.vanzweelism.com/index.php/2019/05/19/i-failed-to-break-the-everesting-world-record-but-i-wont-quit/ May the watts be with you.
  4. You may not believe what I have to say but the numbers don't lie. On the Everesting calculator it shows that I need to ride at 46 watts more on average to equal world record pace for my chosen climb. The climb you choose makes a massive difference. I've found the calculator to be pretty accurate in terms of real world data too. Toby did his attempt in around 8h23m but his gps was under reading the elevation on the day. Have a look at the images I've attached. I knew that I was going to have a disadvantage from the beginning but it was worth a shot anyway. You are right I'm not good enough to do it on this climb.
  5. Hi chaps I am admitting to temporary deafeat for this record attempt. I tried again today solo unsupported and only got to about 4800m of climbing at pace. I have come across as arrogant and for that I apologize because I don't identify as arrogant. I was simply confident I could do it but misjudged the effort. My advice for anyone who wants to set their personal best time for an Everesting is to go to Melbourne Australia and do Upper Terry's climb that Tobias did for his world record. Thanks for all the banter, it has been good. That's all for now folks.
  6. Alright so I'd like to clear up more stuff. 1. Social media is my work so this is one important reason why I like to share the whole process of getting the record. I don't just show success, I show failure too. 2. Dropping refined carbohydrate from your diet means your performance will suffer. Froomey has 500 grams of refined carbs over a 5 hour stage in the grand tours. 3. When I said completing an Everest in 12 hours is easy I meant that for me personally it is. There's a big difference between riding each ascent at 220 watts versus racing at 290 watts over such a long period of time. I respect anyone who goes out there and gets an Everest done regardless of how long it took them because it is an extreme undertaking.
  7. Hi gents, today was not a good one but I won't give up. We all have addictions that we know are bad for us but we continue anyway. I couldn't deliver the results today and I accept this temporary defeat. One positive thing that came out of today was that I've suffered enough to quit the caffeine for good this time. I'll keep you all updated as to when I'll give it another shot. I still feel confident I can do it despite this failed attempt. For those of you who have iliac artery endofibrosis you should definitely try quitting coffee rather than going for the expensive and rather risky operation. Till next time...
  8. Yes Philip, it's most likely not going to be necessary because this hill here in PTA is already good for the challenge.
  9. Hi guys, tis van Wheeler again with an update. So this Sunday the attempt is happening here in Pretoria. If you are interested you can have a look here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1141472506057625/ I appreciate all the comments both positive and negative on the previous two threads. It's a good thing that we are having some discussion. Some people think I support doping. This isn't true. I simply understand that one needs to dope to cope at the top and I don't have negative judgement toward pro riders who decide to go that route so that they can succeed in their careers to provide for themselves and their families. I have compassion for them. Doping is simply an end product of a corporate system where riders are owned by companies and the competition is through the roof because of the money. The only drug I've used in the past is coffee. I was never willing to take it further than that and have changed my path to creating a brand on social media where the niche is vegan cycling. I get fulfillment in providing value and seeing people go next level in their cycling and transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Anyway, I digress. I've completed another half Everest attempt last Sunday and it was around 12 minutes faster than the previous Sunday. The logic behind only training half Everest is to go significantly higher than full Everest pace in terms of watts per kilo. This way your body adapts to that higher pace and on the day of the full Everest one can sustain the lower pace for longer as long as you're having at least 400 calories per hour. If you want to see how last Sunday was you can have a look at the video here: As for charities I'm donating to Asher's farm animal sanctuary here in Pretoria and raising money with a proquest campaign. https://www.proquest.co.za/profiles/campaign_info/254?fbclid=IwAR11SiovL-g614ywdilLmEj2stVrGP-u-1N7NTfPLmaTVhRwB6hVVk4jbHk I hope that answers some of the questions and I look forward to reading more of the good banter on here. I'm also looking forward to Sunday's ride. Why do we ride? We ride because we find inner peace through suffering.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts. 1. We all swear. Most of society just pretend they don't. I like to keep it real on Youtube. 2. It takes a while to prepare for this so I like to keep people entertained in the meantime. 3. As cyclists we are not even a threat to anyone else on the road. If they don't obey the rules we die. If we don't obey the rules nothing ever happens lol. 4. Veganism is so much more than a simple dietary choice. If you did some research you would understand this. 5. You're right I don't know everything but I know a lot more than I did a decade ago and I still keep learning like all of us do when we live our passion.
  11. Frail and I follow each other on Strava. He's a good bloke.
  12. I can understand that you and many others think sugar is bad but it is simply an essential nutrient as it can be converted to glycogen the fastest. The thing with supplements is they just sell you sugar at 20x mark up. Certain sugars like molasses as I've recently found can make me nauseous over a few hours of consuming it. Another example of this is pure fructose. As for table sugar, coconut sugar and brown sugar, they work fine for me personally. Dates are also a great option as they are calorically dense.
  13. Hi chaps, I wanted to update you on my progress for the Everesting world record attempt. Since I'm a Youtuber and a blogger I wrote an article on the subject. I know some of you think I'm a bloody annoying vegan and that's okay, I get it a lot I would have never discovered this forum if it wasn't for my mate directing me here. I enjoy the banter and the community aspect of it all. I hope you enjoy this article but even if you don't, I'll be happy if you are triggered https://www.vanzweelism.com/index.php/2019/05/03/my-first-half-everest-of-2019/ If you're interested in when the two Everest attempts will take place you can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/vanzweelism/events/ By the way, I hardly eat vegetables as a vegan .
  14. Taking the hour record requires a great doctor. I've rescheduled the Everest for 19 May in Somerset West. https://www.facebook.com/events/381194536065718/
  15. Completing an Everest is not that hard with the right gearing. If I just cruise I can do it in 12 hours or so. I have an all or nothing mentality though so coming to the realization that it was not going to happen was enough for me to abandon it altogether. I should have checked more data before organizing the event. The gps made me believe 1020 meters per hour was possible for 8.75 hours but the actual data means it is difficult to hold 920 meters per hour for over 9 hours.
  16. That's a good climb but far too much cornering if one is going for a world record attempt.
  17. Yes this is exactly why I've decided not to do it anymore. Loveday was the best climb in Pretoria for it but by far not the best climb in the world. I would need to go to Full Upper Terry's in Australia to give this record a serious shot.
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