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  1. Reported to somerset west police, but didn't get the license plate unfortunately...pretty identifiable car though...with Save the Rhino written all over it...
  2. No unfortunately not, it was two mountain bikes on the back...sucks you got hit :-(
  3. Hi All, It might be something or it may be nothing at all, but today while traveling on the N2 inbound from Gordon's Bay side towards Cape Town. I saw a white polo, with what looked like a lot of anti Rhino poaching signage, travelling into Nomzamo. What triggered my alarm was that there were two bikes on the bike carrier the were basically dragging on the ground as if it hadn't been locked properly and the drivers looked like they were unconcerned and in no hurry to stop. They turned right at the robot after the BP on the N2 as you go through somerset business park, and then turned left into the township, shortly afterwards there was a police vehicle which looked like to was in hot pursuit of something, sirens blazing. I may be guilty here of stereotyping in the worst fashion, however if I had what looked like pretty expensive gear on the bike rack and it was pretty much falling off the back, I would be stopping as quickly as possible to correct and fix. Hope this helps someone, and doesn't get any wrath laid down on me.
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