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  1. of course! so to get HR I need an ANT+ dongle! makes sense, thanks
  2. Thanks Guys.. I will revert in due course and hopefully confirm SUCCESS!!!
  3. ah shucks.. i thought sufferfest would upload the TP session... ok thanks will check for some Ant+ sticks
  4. let me try the calibration and if that is not sorted I will follow up with you... the gear is generally as 'easy' as possible (which is what you mean by high?) as I am dying just trying to warm up...
  5. The HR monitor is bluetooth but Rouvy not picking it up Re calibration gonna try the spin down thing.
  6. same problem being the FTP% issue? thanks
  7. You are guys are the light at the end of a very dark long painful tunnel! Great... 1.) i will do the spin down 2.) looks like I need to get an ANT dongle thingy.. who makes these and where can i get them? 3. think i must try sufferfest... this also links with TP right.. hopefully showing watts? Then sufferfest will get HR, cadence and my workout from TP is i get the ANT dongle/ antenna... i usually use an ipad but it's an ipad mini... not sure antenna gonna work there! ugh. maybe just best to use a pc then? All my stuff is connecting via Bluetooth
  8. Hi World of cycling, I am desperate.. no beyond desperate.. at the point of hauling my heavy kickr out the window. No more patience. I need help... please. The issues: - my training program is on training peaks (TP) - i use wahoo kickr for indoor training - my heart rate monitor is garmin - cadence is wahoo cadence monitor Issue: How do I get all of these things to work TOGETHER? After many hours I have managed to sync TP to Rouvy Mobile App which also now has picked up my cadence but cant seem to pick up my HR? and somehow the training session is displayed in %FTP and not watts? How do I change this? Is this a TP issue rather than Rouvy setting? All I want it is my TP session, on my kickr, reading watts (not %FTP), with my HR and cadence reading. Why does this seem to be such a challenge?? SECOND ISSUE something is veeeeeery wrong with the kickr. My program has me at a warmup of 100 -120 watts (this is being read from the TP scheduled workout so I am not on erg mode, I am using rouvy) but i am struggling to ride. i reckon the watts are probably around 180. is this a calibration issue. Any guidance would be highly appeciated, otherwise going to trade this kickr for a watt bike, Thanks
  9. Trying to keep the training up during the power outage. First time using my kickr without power. I’m in my biggest gear but spinning out!? Any solutions to this? Ta
  10. would love to support a local initiative too
  11. Please keep me posted if you see entries opening! Super excited!
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