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  1. I'll put my hand up for hotpots! Great staff,and can't fault there work.Neil runs a fairly tight ship in the back there.
  2. Pleasantly surprised with gwinns performance!
  3. Seriously disappointed with gregs run! What happened with the syndicate riders? Set up issues? Greg making to many clicks up or down!? Hoping hannah takes it at home but reckon gwinn will pull a gwinn.
  4. Thanks pieter1 for the use of your singlespeed.even with the setup issues it was still a blast. Looking forward to seeing the photos!!?
  5. Entered at 10.30pm last night! Done very little riding lately and going to rock it SS 32x18!! I can feel the pain already! Very keen!
  6. Next 30min must go chop chop! Drinks and popcorn ready!
  7. Using a specialised S3....best helmet iv ever had.can't fault it. Use it for both happily.
  8. I'm in! Real mix up of riders! Hoping my lady pulls through!
  9. For the first time in quite a while I truly felt like I was fulfulling rule number #9... Waking up to hear it pouring with rain this morning I felt like a little kid on Xmas.was so excited to get on the bike and commute. Fresh cold rain falling on your steamy body is a great feeling. Some people think you crazy others you can see are a tad jealous.
  10. Glad I could help,I had a couple lying in my hockey bag so strapped one onto the chest strap of my bag and it's found a new permanent home...I always find people have a tendency to stop or freeze when you blow on it properly...hope it helps!
  11. Started commuting to work again this week after having finally fixed my bike after 3 months.... getting back to riding/commuting feels amazing! Great to still see many commuters on pretorias roads. I still see alot of guys have issues with pedestrians,my fox 40 whistle still does the trick even when headphones are involved.
  12. I met the guys who were looking at bringing them Into the country...they brought about 30 or 40 in....after import duties and other costs that's more or less what they were looking at price wise...the other issue is they are pretty difficult to install.hunter cycles was being used as there Installion guys,they reckoned they struggled to attach it to road bikes wheels and took them a few hours to get it into a mtb and not hinder the operation of the bike. Don't mean to say negative things about the product,but when you see it in person it ls quite bulky and does not look nice on the bike,also I felt it did not perform as well as it does in the marketing video. If you got money to throw away for a cool light show at critical mass fine but not practical in its current form.
  13. Agreed they are very cool! But at almost R4000 I just can't justify it...
  14. I may get roasted a bit by some for saying some of these things and it's not following the rules per say.But: 1.cycling gear costs an arm and a leg,use your mtb shoes on the road bike and dont worry about what others think.that can easily save you a few thousand 2.Nothing wrong wearing your catlike helmet on the road,if you want it to have more of a road look,if the visor is removable take that off.also I can't see the helmet colour making as big a difference as the colour of your kit which I feel will have an impact. 3. If you have to get another helmet I was lucky enough to get a specialised s3 as a gift,amazing airflow and extremely comfortable.I had to keep checking it was still there when I first started using it. My 2c worth!
  15. Tayyib

    Amashova 2015

    Reading this comment makes we want to crawl into a hole! Definitely need to up my training!You must of been digging deep spoke,nicely done
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