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  1. Hi hubbers, I came across the attached article on Paleolithic/hunter-gatherer type eating that I thought some of you may find interesting. Some of the points mentioned can also be related to a Banting way of eating, and hence explanations ca also apply to Banting. Hope you enjoy reading this summary. Craig docviewer2.pdf
  2. Thought I would post this as it comes from a reputable source: http://www.bicycling.com/food/nutrition/which-diet-better-cyclists-high-fat-or-high-carb
  3. Apologies for being a bit quiet of late. Came across this today on the BBC web site and thought it might be interesting to share: http://www.bbc.com/news/health-33905745 Any thoughts or counterarguments?!
  4. I've always found that I'm not a morning cyclist/trainer and exercise better in the late afternoon. Have a read of this article which makes for interesting reading... http://eng.aesirsports.de/index.php/2015/07/05/biorhythm-the-best-time-to-work-out/
  5. For those of you taking in coconut oil, here is a nice scientific article on this oil: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/the-surprising-truth-about-coconut-oil.html
  6. Some weekend debate and thoughts... http://www.details.com/blogs/daily-details/2015/07/this-is-the-real-truth-about-how-sex-affects-your-workout.html?mbid=nl_072415_Daily&CNDID=36962301&spMailingID=7931427&spUserID=MTAyNDEwMzc0OTkyS0&spJobID=723205147&spReportId=NzIzMjA1MTQ3S0
  7. Did a small MTB night ride at Modderfontein last night. Was awesome, especially flying through the mealie fields! Not too cold. Loose sand was a bit tricky here and there, but manageable. Have to say that it's a great place for cycling each time.
  8. Not the best written and referenced articles, but worth a read: http://www.asgardfit.com/726/ http://www.asgardfit.com/insulin-and-obesity/
  9. Thanks for this. Makes for some interesting reading and improves my insight into practical nutritional ketosis.
  10. Maybe others following the LCHF approach could comment on how long it took them to adapt sufficiently to their diet...?
  11. Agree with this. Get the basics right and fine-tune accordingly as and when required.
  12. Also thought the article was a good one getting one to consider many points. I guess each person determines how serious they are prepared to become, but as long as it doesn't compromise one's health or family, it should be okay...? Living up to one's cycling potential and improving all the time, certainly from my perspective, is something I like doing when I can.
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