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  1. The first climb this year is Rondebossieberg, this one was previous years the second climb. Koeberg-hill is this year the second climb. The race starts at Altona Farm, crossing Adderley Road immediately, cyclists will go towards Occultdale, then Sondagsfontein following the Rondebossieberg hill. Crossing a few farms you will go to Philadelphia and ride around the small village towards the N7, crossing the road and start with the Koeberg-hill climb, coming down towards the Old Malmesbury Road following the route towards the end at Altona Farm again. Hope this answers your question.
  2. We will change the route slightly to get rid of most of the sand. Racetec is still on board so there would be no problems with the timing. We are still using PPA but not on the day
  3. We are working on that. Will be no shooting near cyclists.
  4. We will change the route slightly to get rid of most of the sand. Racetec is still on board so there would be no problems with the timing. We are still using PPA but not on the day
  5. There is a bit of everything, single track, jeep track and farm road. There is two hills on the 85km and one on the 50km. The hill that both the 85km and 50km do, have a tricky decent. The 13km is a family event and kid friendly. Please refer to the route profiles attached and if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.
  6. Morning everyone. Please dont make statements if you do not have all the info. We were specifically instructed by the PPA to not give any prizes in the past. I also want to remind you what happened the previous year with some of the riders getting positions that were completely wrong because of a timing issue. Having said that we will this year change the status quo because the PPA will not be involved on the day. The long and medium races would have prize money for the first three finishers. The first three men and woman will get the same prize money in both the races. Milky we are really sorry that you feel this way but we tried to do everything by the book. You are still welcome to join us.
  7. There was a lucky draw. PPA advised us not to give any prizes for first finishers. Two years ago Racetec messed up the winners and published the wrong people. If we gave prizes then it would have been a big embarrassment.
  8. Hi guys. Thanks for the positive comments. Please tel us what you liked and what not. I know it was dry( the worst I have experienced in my life) and the sand quite a lot but we try our best to limit the sandy parts without cutting out the river part. Sorry for the confusion with the markings after the first climb. The funrun markings were placed wrongly. Have a good rest
  9. Thanks for all the feedback people. Please remember that we try to make it the best MTB event on the calendar. All the comments(negative and positive) are taken into account to try and make it better every year. It is however not possible to satisfy everyone.
  10. Had a look at the racetec results. Chris Cronje was first over the mats. The other four is a mistake.
  11. Definitely wrong. I was the leading vehicle and I only took one person over the mats. He finished at about 10h30. That is three hours. No doubt about that.
  12. I took the first rider over the finish line and he did 3 hours. The results you have must be wrong.
  13. Thanks for all the positive comments and thanks to everyone who enjoyed the day with us. Please feel free to give us feedback on what parts you like and what not so that we can make it even better next year.
  14. Good morning everyone. There were some protest action earlier this week but we had meetings with the community leaders in town and resolved the issues. We have the commitment from them that there will be no protests this coming Saturday so please come and enjoy the day with us and support the local community.
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