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  1. Has anyone got any good ideas on how to go about renting a decent road bike to do some cycling while on holiday in the UK? Not the city hire type bike.
  2. Any advice out there about running tubeless on a road bike. My rims are tubeless ready so conversion is simple, my question is - Is it worth it?
  3. Don't do it. Went through the whole BikeLife exercise and that was looking at 22% when I told them not to worry.
  4. I'm using an Absolute black 32 oval with my XT 1x11, love it.
  5. I had a burgundy one, absolute beaut. Built it with Campy Record group set with the brake lever shifters.
  6. The Bernard

    Sani2c 2016

    I have also gone to 1x11 XT with a 34 in front. Been using it since Nov last year. Have ordered the 32 this weekend as find it just that bit too heavy for some of the bigger climbs we have at Holla trails. The 32 will help with that. My suggestion for Sani, is to go with the 32. You can always go back to the 34, but day 2 out of the valley can be a SOB.
  7. I have had 2 warranty claims with Specialized. One a pair of shoes and the other a Roval rim. Both were replaced, no mess no fuss. Concept in Ballito assisted with a loan wheel while the replacement rim was sent and rebuilt. First class service. I didn't wait 2 years though.
  8. Also had a BB creak, fitted a Praxis BB and never looked back.
  9. I saw the video footage, the guy slipped and wiped out sending the bike flying. Check your facts mate.
  10. The Bernard

    Sani2c 2015

    Agree, its a rip. They normally discount after a few weeks, but still.
  11. The Bernard

    Sani2c 2015

    Please pass on my best regards. Having seen it happen he was on my mind the whole way. Speedy and full recovery.
  12. The Bernard

    Sani2c 2015

    Rusty250, it was the Adventure, day 1 at the little bridge on the district road about 2km from the first water point. He was ahead of me and just saw him flying through the air and land on the rocks in the river bed. Hectic! Understand he was part of the Emirates Air team, and would also like to know how the poor guy is doing. Slowed down riders and then left, not sure that he would make it. Worst crash I have ever seen.
  13. The Bernard

    Sani2c 2015

    On the subject of prizes, lucky draws and the like. Would it not be possible to do all the entries for these online prior to the event. Then everyone goes into the draw. In our case we only had one entry form for the car between the two of us. Its also not right that you have to be at the daily debrief to get the prize, one might be getting a massage or standing in a shower. Sure insist that the finalists are at the final draw to win, but not daily.
  14. The Bernard

    Sani2c 2015

    Yip. Probably great as they come off the grill, but 30mins in a dish on a hot tray destroys the steak. Not the end of the world tho.
  15. The Bernard

    Sani2c 2015

    Passed 3 tiny tots walking along the stony track on day 3 of the adventure, oldest one couldn't have been older than 4! Luckily had time to shout out and warn guys behind. Hitting a little kid like that at speed would be nasty. Who would be held responsible??
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