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  1. Hey did you get your trainer sorted? I had a similar issue not too long ago but I took it to a friend who works with electronics and she just replaced a wire that was corroded. But now I think the cadence sensor in my Trainer (satori smart) seems out of order. Apparently all tacx products need to go to jhb for repairs. But I'm still trying to find someone in Cape Town who can look at it for me.
  2. Hi everyone I have a tacx satori trainer that doesn't want to switch on. It's been standing for about 2 months and now when I want to use it, it won't go on. I changed batteries, and still nothing. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Chris Willemse said I can bring it to them to have it checked out, but before I go there, I want to see if I can fix it myself (hopefully it's something small). Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciate it. I forgot to add the part about me staying all the way out in strand. Riding to Mowbray and back on a bike is not an option! I stopped at the train station to ask about taking a bicycle on a train and the guy at the ticket office said that bikes, even fold up bikes, are not allowed. I could just drive everyday with my car but I dont see myself leaving 5:30 every morning just to avoid the traffic. Guess I'll have to consider other options now (wonder what kinda punishment I'll get from my wife for buying a small motorbike/scooter)
  4. Hi guys So I'm fairly new to the cycling scene (road and mountain biking) and would like to add a bit of cycling to my daily commute. I just landed a new job which is in Mowbray so traffic in and out will be hectic. However I can make use of the train but when I get off at CT station, I'll still need to travel another 6kms to my work. So I'm considering getting a fold up bicycle which I can then use to travel to work from the station and back again. So I want to know from those of you who use fold up bicycles (or anyone who knows their bikes) what good fold up bikes are out there and what should I be looking out for? I've seen the Puma Disko which looks really cool so might consider that. Also, does anyone know what types of fold up bikes/scooters are allowed on the trains (specifically the express train)? I have considered maybe getting one of those standing scooters with a small motor on it (petrol vs electric??). They also fold up but not sure if the size will be ok to take with on the train. The weight of those things could also play a factor. Opinions will be greatly appreciated.
  5. There's also Southey vines in dummer street, somerset west. It's the bike park that was built. quite nice for beginners. Not sure what's happening out at Ongegund but I know there's trials also.
  6. Hi everyone Are there any beginner groups riding in Somerset West or Strand area? If not, are there any other beginners in these areas who'd be interested in forming a group to go cycling once a week (e.g. sunday mornings)?
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