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  1. Very cool pics Ronelle, so cool to see Hassi riding (cruising).
  2. Cool to see Rene Hasselbacher getting in on the action! haha
  3. I think some time I'll make a Killarney appearance. Blow you all away in my pink kit
  4. lol, Tim you look very 'special' on that "bike" mate... Eish Nice pics Ronelle
  5. I'm rolling a Specialized Stumpjumper which is around 14 - 16k depending on who you know at your LBS. Awesome bike.
  6. Welcome to the Hub Tekkietown. Thanks for the great feedback. I didn't design the kit for theHub' date=' I designed it for myself and the other companies involved too. My company's logo (http://obox-design.com) is white and pink, which is why I chose these colours. I also rode for Cozmetek and Sotheby's and find that pink is the best colour when it comes to standing out on the road/mountain. The blue, below, looks alright on the shorts, but not the top. It would just make no sense for my brand.
  7. I designed the kit with some help from RaymondC and Admin. It's made by Red Rocket, local manufacturer, and it's really nice stuff...
  8. That's really Brad Pitt' date=' no jokes Uhhh, when you come to Cape Town, and a guy in Durban bought a set. PS. I love my pink kit. It looks awesome and will stand out really well.
  9. [quote name='Matchstix]can we get close ups on the bibshorts. . off the model' date=' leg elastic chamois etc? [/Quote'] Here're some quick snaps
  10. I know, what a *** model... @ZeroCool Short Sleeve Shirt R 480 Long Sleeve Shirt R 540 Bib Shorts R 590 Sleeveless Wind Jammer R 490
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