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  1. For Free would obviously be the Best option.....but then again it's a Dale....unless your friend is really happly and simply gives it to you. Now that would be Super Kewl won't it :) :)
  2. I'd say between R15k and R17k As Zaskar I to sold mine Six 13 for R17k which was about the same spec...if not a wee bit higher as I had all the ITM Millenium Bling on my bike...........damm I miss my bike, she was a real beaut
  3. Lekkers man.....Welcome to the dark Evil side of the bikers.... Be prepared for the ride of your life....and taking the odd side car mirror off He,he,he,he,he,he,he,he Once a biker boy always a biker boy
  4. Yip, Go look at the guys flying radio controlled choppers. They all use Li-po's.....and put them in a thing they call a bomb bag when they charge them........should they decided to explode Who said this hobby has no serious risk...he,he,he,he,he
  5. Hi all Happy Thursday !!!!!!!!!!!! U betta believe it
  6. He who dies with the most toys wins
  7. Try Cycle Art as well....the local one They where brilliant with my Dale's make over.......I'll go so far as to say that it was better than the factory ones they supplied
  8. Mudda I guess it depends what you need and what you want out of a pump. Since I'm from the taller kind I prefer the SKS pump...longer stroke and one of the few that can gp up to 16bar......longer stroke = less effort to get them har... Ok, that just sounds kinky
  9. 101% I like your view as explained above....nice one budd
  10. Nice one, all the best and many happy miles
  11. Ask Crux, he knows all the inn's and outs..........I don't think they totally strip the paint of the bike
  12. R1500.........dis al maak nie saak wat jy wil doen nie. En hulle kort so 5 dae met jou fiets. Die ouens is regtig baie goe dmet wat hulle doen en vat ook nie kortpaaie nie.....Crux laat ook al sy frames deur hulle doen
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