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  1. Hi no not tubeless weight is 78 kg.
  2. Hi there How do I know what the correct tyre pressure will be for my mountainbike? I obviously have to take my weight into account but suppose that the type of terrain will also play a big role. Currently riding mostly in the Western Cape, jeep track & single track. What pressure do you guys riding here inflate your tyres to?
  3. Hi there I recently purchased a buzzrack spider - the one that fits onto a boot/hatchback - but, as I have sadly realised and to my own frustration, my ability to interpret the instruction pictures has seriously let me down!!! I have a car with a boot but cannot figure out where the straps should go. If there is anyone out there who also uses this carrier can you please send me a pic of what it looks like when the rack is on your car with all the straps secured. I'm seriously considering welding it to my boot!!! Thanks
  4. Hi guys I am looking to buy a new mountainbike. Can anyone reccomend a good shop in Cape Town/Bellville Area? Thanx
  5. hi there. Does anyone have a instruction manual for a Beta 2 Cycle Computer?
  6. thanks thats about 17 inches?
  7. Hi guys. I am relatively new to mountain biking. i purchased a secondhand bike from a friend but am not sure whether the frame is the right size for me. How do you tell? Can someone plz help? thanks!!
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