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  1. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke
  2. Sorry this happened to you. Sadly this is becoming too commonplace.
  3. I see his number is flagged as "Warning Scam" on truecaller.
  4. Hi Guys and Gals. Just a quick heads up. You can find the Cape Winelands XCM Results here. Hope this helps at least one person that might be looking for this. Cheers.
  5. I was also told that I had to go to a specific police station. I luckily knew the station chief, and phoned him. He told me that was a lie. You can report in any district and they have to help you. If the cop tells you that the next time, ask for it in writing and include his name. I think we as the community should start holding these guys to book. It is because of this never mind attitude that I have to fight off assailants myself. Isn't this why I pay taxes, so I can live a safe, free life? Don't know about you, but I don't seem to be all that safe, or free for that matter anymore.
  6. Thanks guys. Funny enough, I did end up pepper spraying the same dude twice. He lifted his shirt to wipe his eyes, and was still within reach, so after a good shake of the canister, he got a good second shot. That stuff actually burns quite a bit when it comes in contact with your skin. I know because I got a little blow back on my arm, and had to come wash it off at home. Yeah, he will remember me too. I hope he was as uncomfortable that night as I was. At least he worked hard for that phone he got. I agree, protect yourself as best you can, but don't be stupid. If you are outnumbered and they have weapons that can do some serious injury, just let it go. No use in losing your life over something that probably is insured.
  7. This sums up the whole problem. Nobody helped. We should become a society of helpers. The mere fact that they robbed you among others in daylight shows exactly what is wrong here. Maybe 10 to 15% of our population are bad people, but it seems that the rest are too afraid to step up and show them that we will not tolerate this behavior. Even the police have fallen into this rut. When I had the cops here, they asked why I wanted to make a case since the phone that was stolen wasn't ensured, even though I looked like I was in an accident from the attack. Go figure. We have to start looking out for each other. It is very clear to me that nobody else will. I totally understand what you meant when you said about being aggressive towards others after your incident. I find myself in exactly that mind space right now. But rather than taking it out on others that don't deserve it, channel it into something positive. I for instance joined my neighborhood watch to break this complacency that I have fallen into. Maybe my actions can keep others who cannot fend for themselves safer? Small gestures.
  8. Went through this two weeks ago in a little veldt about a km from my home. Been cycling there for 40 years, got jumped now. The guy hid in some short trees just off an intersection. I came by at speed, and could not do anything. By the time he was visible he grabbed my handlebars. The minute I fell, he started hitting me with a 1.2m stick and was quickly joined by two friends who proceeded to trow big rocks. I managed to kick ones wind out of him and peppersprayed the other with the stick, but let me tell you, in that instant you forget almost any training, you just react. Also, be warned, Pepperspray isn't worth much when there is more than one. It is pretty much just good for blinding a person for a short time to give you time to get away. With multiple guys, you probably will hit one, and the others will stand a bit out of the way till you run out, which I also found happened pretty quickly. Only got two good squirts out of it. So was left standing there with an empty canister, still surrounded by three guys. The peppersprayed dude ended up pulling out a knife, so then I gave in and let them have my phone. At least they just wanted to get away with something at that point and be done, so left my bike and kit. I actually wrote a blog post on what I would recommend you do in such a situation from what I learned from this incident. Go check it out here if you are interested. I truly hope that the info in it helps even just one of you guys, because the worst part of this is not your physical stuff the guys steal, they steal your peace. I am now so paranoid, I hardly enjoy cycling now at all because I keep looking over my shoulder.
  9. Hi Guys/girls. I lost my Garmin 520 at the weekends Nissan Trailseeker outside hermanus. If someone picked it up, I would be very grateful if you could let me know. My number is 0609970939. Thanks.
  10. So I took the Scott out on the dirt now, and WOW. What a bike. Love it, and I am a lot faster over the loose stuff now. My friend ended up buying the Merida, so I had a go on that, and it is a good bike, but I made the right choice. Thanks for all the advice.
  11. http://p.vitalmtb.com/photos/products/13560/photos/13922/s780_SCOTT_Scale_940_Bike.jpg?1387403144
  12. Thanks for all the replies guys. I will definitely get the Scott then. I knew I came to the right place to ask. Cheers.
  13. Hi Guys and Gals. I have looked at a lot of bikes, but can't seem to decide between these two bikes. The Merida is an all xt bike with the exception of the brakes. The Scott will be upgraded to full xt if I buy it, and I do like the fox shock on that. It will be about R1700 more for the Scott. I am really leaning towards this one, but want to know if you think that this bike is worth the extra amount of money? Thanks in advance for your input.
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