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  1. Thanks man and well done on the perseverance. I am fine with testifying. It just doesnt help that I would think I need to be available in court yet I am currently from JHB with the likelihood of moving to Maun and Vic Falls in the new year. As much as I want to see these guys behind bars - to learn a lesson. I would rather have white collar crime be put behind bars along with our corrupt government officials, these are crimes out of absolute greed. If our government stopped stealing absolutely everything there would be more opportunity and education, which will in turn lead to less crime. My privileged life of PVT School, UCT, CA SA is only due to my parents providing me with opportunity, these guys out in the townships start with nothing and yet our government doesnt care, its a shame. I cant say i wouldn't do the same thing and steal bikes if I had to feed my family? All in all these guys still need to learn, I will do my best to testify. Thanks for the details and the process.
  2. Hi All, Firstly thanks for all the messages to make us aware of the bike. We quickly put in a cash offer for the bike saying is it negotiable, then we rushed to Seapoint police station. They helped us but said we must go to Athlone police station. From there we jumped into a golf and escourted (undercover) by two trailing police cars. 8 policemen. We then met the guy on Springbok street Athlone (very tough conditions these people are living in). 2 men showed us that the bike is in good condition and giving us some insight. Then the two police cars came in at pace and jumped out. They seem to know this time would come (probably not their first). They had piles of cash and jewellery on them. They were taken into Athlone holding cells. We have the bike now but the rear suspension is stuffed and struggling to get the rear axle through the bike. They told us at the police station that the courts usually struggle to enforce the crime and they will probably be back on the street in a few days. I feel sorry for all of us for having weak courts but also the state of the country. They also said the crime is running rampant since Covid started. Otherwise we got a bike back in 80% condition so the insurers are probably pretty happy. Maybe I should sell it now at more than R8,000 ;-) Thanks all.
  3. Stolen: Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Carbon 2017 When: 10 November 2020 Where: Cape Town, Western Cape Bike was stolen from Greenpoint/Three Anchor Bay from locked Thule Bike Rack. Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
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