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  1. Thanks will certainly look at the fork/headset.
  2. Canyon Ultimate SLX, tyres Conti 5000 tubeless 28mm
  3. 50km may not be super fast but hitting tar at that speed is the problem
  4. I can say it is freakishly scary. But lets try the options mentioned
  5. I seem to catch a speed wobble around the same area on a pretty fast decent, the bike goes into a serious wobble, the first time I used brakes to slow down but it actually made it worse so now I try peddle through it. What would be the cause of this and what can I do to stop it from happening. The bike is sized right for me so I am puzzled and pretty scared too.
  6. Great, sounds like time to seriously look at the Gravel option. Thanks for the input
  7. So I am curious about Gravel bikes, can you set the bike up that you can hang with the regular road bikes on out rides on both the hills and flats?
  8. Had to google Spirgrips, never seen or heard of them. Looks decidedly odd to me......
  9. the comments all make sense, bit hazardous in thick bush as well
  10. Hi, bar ends seemed to be the in thing a couple of years back but now is almost unseen, it did, or at least I thought, offer a bit of play for the rider to alternate posture, why have the dropped off the scene...........?
  11. Hi, I am fortunate enough to have a weeks holiday on Reunion island, has anyone ridden on the island and if so any tips or suggestions on where to ride etc. Will take mountain bikes but more than happy to cruise regular roads for fun if viable?
  12. Not what I was hoping to hear. Thanks none the less.
  13. Hi, when I am on a fast down hill and my racing bike is maxed in terms of speed and I freewheel there is a strange noise emanating from the cluster, then if I continue to pedal then the noise dies. This only happens at higher speeds. Could the bearings be finished? Ho do I fix this?
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