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  1. its slow, mweb and all other ISP's use the same cable. This is a server issue.
  2. Or if the headline was more along the lines of "ET and the AWB have been constantly advocating for the slaying of all corrupt black politicians and now Julius Malema murdered!"
  3. and I had a guy in a Jeep doing exactly the same thing on the3 steep side of ou kaapse too. Could see the colour of his eyes. Also yesterday I had a guy on a motorbike come past me doing at least 150kmh In fact I have about 20 similiar experiences every day. I guess the difference is that if the cyclist goes down he will hurt himself and only himself. If the **** in the jeep gets it wrong he takes me over the edge with him. "Again - irresponsible actions and reckless driving needs to be accounted for" ????? I really don't understand why you feel that you need to single out the cyclists?
  4. PPA have millions of YOUR money sitting idle in their bank account. It really is time that some of this money was aimed at safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. and while I am loading screenshots here is one which I think makes this software the best. It shows, not very well, how much flexibility you have to configure and view a combination of metrics that are important to you. Many graphs are pre-configured but you can also set up your own views. For example you might want to watch the relationship over time between anaerobic power, cadence and max speed for sprinting training ... maybe
  6. I cannot seem to find anyone who has a headset for the Specialized Tarmac 2007 model in Cape Town. I'd prefer the whole shebang - spacers, rings and seals rather than just the bearings but if I can only get the bearings I'd live with that. The headset is an FSA product but Specialized called it the "Mindset" if I am not mistaken. It is this one http://www.google.co.za/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=1&ved=0CAsQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fcdn.specialized.com%2FOA_MEDIA%2Fpdf%2Fmanuals%2F07_Tarmac_SL_Roubaix_Ruby_Frame_Instructions.pdf&rct=j&q=%22Specialized+Tarmac+2007+headset%22&ei=neqtS7KsHaGwNJW1hbUO&usg=AFQjCNERphQXtRweQj57nJIFxYjrOH05SQ
  7. Colonel, I guess that you are using V1.3? If so you should move on to the Developer build it has MUCH more functionality and does everything that WKO does and more. I think that I listed a link in the other thread on GoldenCheetah. Once you et used to it you won't go back. I have nothing against WKO except that I could only run it on windows but GC is now by far my favourite. It does take a bit of getting used too. The intervals show as vertical lines and are numbered. You can also select them from the left screen - they should be listed in the bottom pane. The latest windows version is here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2848426/GoldenCheetahInstall-MetaColor.exe
  8. Don't use Smart Recording on the 705! Put it in 1 second mode, otherwise you lose lots of power info, the 705 just filters it away.
  9. Well we do that too but some of us work. During the winter monthswe leave for work in the dark and we get home in the dark. The trainer becomes a neccesity if we want to keep fit. The problem is that the trainer is a mental challenge at the best of times. This at least would add some motivation / interest.
  10. It works just fine with 705 files for me. Use the link I posted to the development build. If there are any issues then post them with the problem file on the bug tracker site and they usually get fixed within days.
  11. For those users with GPS, it now also has support for Google maps. It overlays the ride on Google earth but presents the data by power. You can see what power your were outputing at any point of the ride. I believe that a Google Earth capability is also on the way
  12. subscribe to the user list and post this as a feature request. I am not sure that the Tacx stuff has the "accuracy" of a real power meter. I am not detracting from the Tacx - I owned one myself (not the Imagic) and it was not all that accurate. But you never know, if it can be done they will be the right people to do it. http://bugs.goldencheetah.org/projects/show/goldencheetah
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