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  1. Yes, correct. The moment we see someone is off course, we try and reach them on their phone. Remember, every minute a rider is off course, they are normally penalising themselves, so its fair game to phone and give them a heads up.
  2. The main problem with having one dot watcher on a long race is that the rider is likely to outlast the dot watcher when it comes to sleep deprivation!
  3. Awesome! Please send a mail to info@themunga.com
  4. Yes for sure. It is possible to geofence within limits, and we are looking into to this. But the human element is what makes our race enthralling so we are trying to leverage the fact that many people spend inordinate amounts of time watching blue dots! We believe there are people that would find it quite exciting to 'police' sections of the route using tech. But maybe a combination of the two is the way to go?
  5. One of the key focal points in the race is safety. When a rider has spent 40 hours on their bike with no sleep, they often fall asleep on their bike! This is fine when its on a lonely dirt road, but obviously another story on a busy tar road. So most of our 'detours', while they may seem like a stuff around, they are really because we want to avoid the above scenario. As an example, the two tar sections before RV2 in Britstown, and RV3 in Loxton. In both cases the route turns onto tar roads, and then within a kilometre, turns back off the tar road into the veld, on a farm track. These are easy turns to miss for a rider. So these sections would be red flagged for you guys, and the minute you see a rider missing this turn, you alert the 'chain of command' and we try and get hold of the rider, or inform the rider when he gets to the RV that he has a time penalty. This is a working idea, but that is pretty much the gist of it. We don't have the resources to monitor every rider over 24 hours over those sections, hence reaching out.
  6. We will put you on the bottom of the list then!
  7. Hey folks We know plenty of you enjoy spending hours watching the blue dots on the Munga! Our unusual format makes certain aspects and rules difficult to police. Current Covid-19 protocols requires us to be a CSA sanctioned event and thus make use of a Commissaire. However, for obvious reasons, what the comm. can do is limited. When the winner crosses the finish line, the back marker is somewhere near WP4, about 700km back! So, we are looking to maybe 'outsource' part of the marshalling function. What this would involve is simply keeping watch online on certain sections of the route where we know riders often go off track, and then reporting it. This is the basic gist, but we will fine tune it as we go. This forum can probably already think of a few folk who would meet the criteria, which are: 1. Remain neutral in the race 2. Have a good standing on the forum 3. Be prepared to watch the race online and follow the dots 24.7 for a 'shift' over a certain key section. Will these people be paid? We are not yet sure. As a general rule we pay all our volunteers etc, but this is novel and may evolve into a thread where Joe public simply polices the section 24.7. Anyway, I look forward to your comments on the idea and if you are keen to be involved, please pop us a mail at info@themunga.com cheers Alex
  8. Jane has just turned in with 2.5km. Easy peazy!
  9. It’s wet, grey, cold, windy and miserable at the finish line!
  10. Unfortunately that wrong turn took the wind out of him and he has scratched!
  11. For all you hubbers...Carlo Gonzaga crosses the line!
  12. 1. Ramses Bekenk 2. Heinrich Visser 3. Chris van Zyl 4. Kevin Benkenstein 5. Deon Guy 6. Fanie Venter 7. Thinus Redelinghuys 8. Massimo Mancini 9. Sthembiso Masango 10. Jason Peach
  13. Great story this. Sthembiso Masango wins the development category for the 3rd time! Check what he has invested his previous prize money on!
  14. Mike got smashed up by the soft sand and washboards. Too much pain he said.
  15. Heinrich tells me he has not slept one minute in the race!
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