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  1. Thanks so much and I completely understand. We have given a lot to various places and all I wanted to do was share as far as possible. Thanks to you guys for being so active and supporting. You legends!
  2. 12hrs. I'm definitely posting that on strava ???? It's up already. Thanks man
  3. Thanks guys. What a day and thank you for the support and donations. Donations will be open until May 1st. I'll put the link below. So 12 hrs in the saddle. I stopped twice for a wee and kit change which took a total of 10min. Total milage was 350km ???? Super emotional. We raised so much money to feed the hungry. So many good people out there https://www.givengain.com/ap/gavin-brophy-raising-funds-for-the-clothing-bank/
  4. Hi Hubbers, Im joining a friend of mine to raise funds to feed the hungry! SO Whats the challenge!!, Well my good friend will be swimming in his pool for 12hrs / 36km while I ride a stationery trainer for 12hrs / 250km or until I fall over!. We are desperate to get support and would really appreciate if you could at least share the love!. DM me for the links to share. You can catch the live feeds on facebook to see the pain on my face if thats you thing too. Th how: 8am to 8pm ride/swim. Live Facebook feed every hour, I will be tracking the milage and will update as often as possible. https://https://www.givengain.com/ap/gavin-brophy-raising-funds-for-the-clothing-bank/ https://www.facebook.com/gavin.brophy.3/videos/2578475135759309/ Thank you for your support in advance Hubbers!!
  5. Thanks for all the advice chaps! I really do appreciate it. I think Im leaning towards doing Tradouw Pass and back again. Will see how feel on the day
  6. Awesome, thanks guys!! @Abdoujaparov. Does suurbrak know what coffee is ??
  7. I did think this was the case too. I cant remember much from the DC but Im sure there was a decent shoulder.
  8. Thanks guys, yes @Sepia im on a Road bike. Perhaps ill leave the bike at home and take the weekend off!
  9. Hi fellow Hubbers. Next week Im travelling to Barrydale on Route 62 and was want to ride out to Montegue. Just checking if anyone is out that side and keen to join as I'm a bit nervous doing that on my ace on the open highway! I have only don this route for the DC and was keen to do it as a training ride. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Have a lekker Friday all. !
  10. Thanks Lylo, The local market is tricky and we hope to change it. change the mould and the perception that import is better.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. It will take a lot of time, research, development and money before we get to Assos level. Not to say we not heading that way, we are but it will take time. To come in at top level will be very unwise. We would like our clients to experience service they deserve and to grow with us long term.
  12. Thank you. Our lady is no race snake but I will ask her to recruit more ladies that she rides with on the weekends. In terms of samples. Its where most of the money will go initially so that we can get feedback and work on building up better kit. Unfortunately this will all take time and a lot of cash but we want our riders to be happy. On all levels.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. And as I mentioned before we have a lady on our team who will definitely keep us in line!! with kit designs as well as cut and fits.
  14. Thanks for the sound advice and good to know that we are on the right track.
  15. Thanks So much Gen, Im happy you said that and even happier to tell you that I have a lady on board that we sponsor and she will test the ladies range very thoroughly. We will also take on board all the feedback from the clients so that we can build on producing the best possible kit !
  16. Thanks for the feedback and yes you are correct. It is one of the options we are exploring but getting that info from the relevant parties is taking some time.. they are not in a rush. Wow! Very valid point and we want to be a true local brand that can compete on the international market in the future.
  17. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it . and I agree that the cut and "build" quality needs to be spot on
  18. Thanks, and yes definitely is about the above.
  19. We are not competing in the lower middle market so the poll is really for purchasing made in the higher end of the market.
  20. Thanks, Ill hope to change that mentality. We just need to partner with someone who can produce the goods and grow with the business and vision.
  21. Haha, I can see this blowing up into one massive slugfest
  22. What other options do you want ?
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