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  1. Does anyone know where I can still get sportful bibs in RSA?
  2. I ride about 8000 - 10 000 km's a year, 100k plus meters of climbing. Mostly off-road, very few manicured trails. Rocky, loose, overgrown, find your own path type terrain. I do a couple of stage races a year,but like a marathon/endurance type race every once in a while. I need a dual bike that will be as nippy and punchy as my current scott hardtail, but will save me a bit on the bumpier stuff especially when riding a couple of days in a row. Due to my remote location sending parts (like a brain shock) for a service won't happen very often. As far as colour goes, can I get a SAGAN custom sprayjob?
  3. Thanks for all the feedback! Really appreciated Want to ride the scott bike/demo to just get a feel. Anybody know of any stores in Cape that have demo bikes/ride before you buy type thing?
  4. Hi, In the market for a new bike. Which would you buy and why? Specialized Comp Carbon or the Scott RC900 team ?
  5. Popit, Apologies, when I looked, they had some other guy's name as the winner. At least this was corrected.
  6. Seems like either racetime/fushionsports or SAS has messed up the results completely on SASeeding. Did the 60km, SAS saying I did the 30, time is wrong, name is on the 60 as well, were I'm in a completely different age group etc... Doesn't look just like mine, but a complete stuff-up.Mclean didn't win, friends that rode are not there at all etc etc etc
  7. I'm looking to buy some good quality lights, something that would make night rides enjoyable with long lasting battery life or re-chargeable. For now this will be for short night trails, but want to use the same lights for trans baviaans/36one going forward. Any ideas on lights that's worth their bucks?
  8. The dates have been changed due to rainy weather, I have a 6 hour 2x female team entry available if anyone is interested.
  9. Hi, What is the best trails around jhb that have some proper hills?
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