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  1. Just to set the record straight. The accident occurred a few hundred meters after the umhlanga m4 on ramp Ballito bound . It is permissible to ride on this stretch of road. Team BATSALANI
  2. I’m sure a number of U are curious about the status of our riders from today. Below is an update: Cass : Stitches to hand. Discharged Shiran: bruising on hip. Discharged Avi: Slight fracture above elbow. Bad bruising on upper thigh . Discharged (whilst butt wrapped in a theatre gown) Shafique: stitches to head. Still smiling. Discharged Faheem: Fractured thumb and bruising especially on hand. went to theatre and had it reset. Gash on forehead. Went for CT scan at 8pm. Admitted to hospital Ozair: bad bruising on upper thigh and lower back. Pain on neck/back (will leave it to the doctors to explain this better). Concussion. Admitted for observation overnight. He remembered his wife’s name....so he should be fine We pray for a speedy recovery for all injured today. Thanking you all for the concern. Team BATSALANI
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