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  1. if ur arms on the bars the arms must be level, on a bike you may only have 3 places of pressure on the bike. feet, hands, bum. if its up you can 'push' with ur elbows or arms
  2. orca, those bars doesnt look legit forarms MUST be horizontal
  3. cyclists are the lifeblood of this sport, clubs, provinces, csa are there to serve those clients. if clubs offer more they wont lose members, bottom line, now dont flame me, its what i believe, not what i get right
  4. its quite interesting to be on the receiving end of the hub. just an update, if you go back to the 1st post on this topic, i believe the calls for mr to step down was pulled back. maybe no one wanted to make a statement as i know the lawyers wanted statements and not hearsay, but this isjust speculation your honour. cant get official results of the ladies in china, but cherise finished 7th on gc, everyday was a bunch sprint on flat like pancake routes. lynette, sa champ, got ill before the start, pity she was on good form. i didnt beg for this job, but when a province asked me if im available i was excited as i knew i could help. not so sure if anyone can help with the hub motivation. i hate backstabbers, and i know some of my biggest critics on this forum are people that say different things face to face. groot en klein lem will write a book one day. good nite
  5. im busy skyping your husband on the efforts of our girls in china stage 1
  6. Will meet with Latrinus tomorrow to discuss. Maybe take the mayor for coffee.
  7. Erik Kleynhans,who took part in world cup xc last weekend and Maties club chairman, was attacked late yesterday on the R44 outside Cloetesville, Stellenbosch. I saw Erik at emergency rooms last night, got stiches in lip and chin, front 2 tooth broken off, grazes on elbows, knees, face. Not a happy chap, he was cycling back from work in CT (omnico), and about 2k's from home a few youngsters took a small kids bike and threw it into him as he was going down the hill. He fell, cars stopped, it was around 6pm, kids laughed and ran away. We seriously need to mobilise and do something.
  8. You talk in riddles just like my mother in law, am I the chicken, thats on a ride?? And I'm not what I pretend to be?? You dont know me very well my friend.
  9. I feel I need to react and then we can hopefully close the topic. Licensing- thousands of people received their licences, but system not right. We all know this! Everyone will try their best to improve to serve your interest the best. With this system its not easy for money to disappear. Income up because of this, and we used some of that money to send our ladies team to China for a Tour yesterday. Good luck to them, last year Cherise was 2nd. Austin is team manager. Board members, like myself, were in meetings for more than 12 hours over the holiday period, and no one gets paid one cent. The only reason we sat in those meetings were because we want things better for cyclists. Bottom line.I spend about 20 hours a week on road cycling issues and dont even claim back cellphone costs. I'm passionate about cycling and decided to try and help. One of the provinces did put in a complaint about my alleged behaviour in Oudtshoorn, it will be investigated. In the meanwhile I'm trying to condense the SA's programme for end May into 3 days, help juniors to get to Europe in June, make sure we qualify for youth Olympics next year, get a fair selection policy and 5 year plan for road documented, organise an indaba for all role players in road cycling, draw up racing calender for road next 2 years, decide on SA road next year, time and venue, and try and train for SA's end of May, cause I actually just want to go ride my bike. And I need to pay the bond, so I need to work. Imagine I could make money out of cycling. Anyway, lets rather chat about Lance, will he ride the Tour?
  10. People spend far too much money on the Epic. Neither me or my partner had a massage, bike service and didnt spend money on energy or recovery drinks. OK some money were spend in the chill zone... But why massage if you never massage, why service after every ride, why buy special stuff if food, energade, bars, fruit is enough and for free?
  11. Groot Lem


    thats for slo-jo
  12. The rider shall normally assume a sitting position on the bicycle. This position requires that the only points of support are the following: the feet on the pedals, the hands on the handlebars and the seat on the saddle. A bicycle shall not measure more that 185 cm in length and 50 cm in width overall The peak of the saddle shall be a minimum of 5 cm to the rear of a vertical plane passing through the bottom bracket spindle (1). This restriction shall not be applied to the bicycle ridden by a rider in a track sprint event, keirin, 500 metres or 1 kilometre time trials; however, in no circumstances shall the peak of the saddle extend in front of a vertical line passing through the bottom bracket spindle. (1) The distances mentioned in footnote (1) to articles 1.3.013 and 1.3.016 above may be reduced where that is necessary for morphological reasons. By morphological reasons should be understood everything to do with the size and limb length of the rider The saddle support shall be horizontal. The length of the saddle shall be 24 cm minimum and 30 cm maximum. (text modified on 1.01.03). 1.3.015 b) Weight The weight of the bicycle cannot be less than 6.8 kilograms For road time trials and the following track events: individual and team pursuit, kilometre and 500 m a fixed extension may be added to the steering system; in this instance, only a position where the forearm is in the horizontal plane is permitted. The distance between the vertical line passing through the bottom bracket axle and the extremity of the handlebar may not exceed 75 cm, with the other limits set in article 1.3.022 (B,C,D) remaining unchanged. Elbow or forearm rests are permitted (see diagram ?Structure (1B
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