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  1. Hi Does anyone know what mounting kit is needed to fit Thule bars in Securi lid? or is it a custom made thing?
  2. We are dropping prices on selected Thule stock. Click on the banner above and get in touch to secure your unit.
  3. Hi guys. Has anyone got any suggestions on a roof rack carrier for a tandem? I know Thule make one but it is prohibitively expensive, R8k to R10K. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be welcome. Matt
  4. A TreeFrog bike carrier is quite literally the last bike carrier you will ever need to buy. Whether you change cars often, like to switch between several household cars, or simply cannot justify the cost of a tow bar or roof racks plus a bike rack to transport your bike, a TreeFrog bike carrier is your final solution. Any bike, and car, any time. No tow bar or roof racks required. Fits and removes in under 1 minute without the need for a single tool!
  5. Anyone us this ugly duckling that can give me some feedback? Seems like good value for a two-bike carrier. How does bikes actually secure to the upright part? Easy to use? Solid quality? Any security - bike lock etc? How does it look folded - semi neat? Thanks
  6. Hi Hubbers, Just looking to find out if anyone has installed an aftermarket Thule Fixed Towbar on a VW Golf (GTI) or any other car for that matter, & what is your thoughts on the product. I am looking for a solution to carry 2 bikes, and am against the roof racks & was advised against the hatch back carriers because the boot spoiler could get damaged. The Thule fitment center quoted me R3100 for the fixed tow bar & then R1200 for the 2 bike carrier, so all fitted R4300. My only concern was how it will look on the vehicle, as they would need to cut into the bottom of the b
  7. Does anyone here have experience or know some that used a cash crusaders bike rack?
  8. I need some advise when mounting a Buzz Rack - Buzzybee 2, the rack get tightened using a bolt nut, I've noticed on some occasions the rack sways slightly either to the left or right even though I securely mounted and tightened the rack to the towbar. Is there a way I can prevent this? I can tighten the bolt but feel that if I make it too tight, something might snap or break
  9. FeaturesCarries 3 bikes (16 kg/bike). Spring buckle straps with vinyl-coated hooks. Strongest frame on the market. Built with 100% recyclable materials. Rust-free injection molded plastic. Articulated rubber feet to protect paint. Ratcheting anti-sway straps for a secure hold. Arc–based design separates bikes on different levels. Frame fits over most spoilers. Available in grey, yellow, blue, orange, black, green, red and pink. Compatible with most vehicles—consult the Saris Fit Guide for approved fits. Meets European Union regulations. View this product's European certification. Lightweight a
  10. The Saris Bones is a boot mounted design which has been around for some time and claims to offer a sturdy tow bar free solution with bike protection in-mind. Although convenient and generally less pricey, boot mounted bicycle racks are notoriously unstable, often rubbing and scratching their precious cargo. We were interested to see just how well Saris' three bike version, the Saris Bones 3, would fair. Click here to view the article
  11. FeaturesCarries 3 bikes, up to 16kg each Rack does not touch the bike frame making it safe for all frame materials Unique wheel tray design holds MTB and road bikes safely and securely Tilts down for fast access to rear of vehicle Fits 26” to 29” MTB wheels. Fits ISO 50mm tow balls Tow ball clamp locks rack to vehicle Lightboard and license plate holder included Weight: 18kg Made in Italy, TUV GS certified Price: RRP R 6,995.00 (on special for R 5,595.00 at the time of publishing) AssemblyOur Thelma arrived flat packed and did require some assembly to get up and running. Almost everything y
  12. Whether just a short drive to your local trail or a weekend road trip, a bike rack is a likely essential in your cycling travels. The Saris Thelma-3 is a tow ball mounted bike carrier which, as the name suggests, holds up to three bikes. Click here to view the article
  13. I'm looking for a plug and play bike rack for my Audi A1. I was told that Thule don't make a rack for my car. I really don't want to put a tow bar on my car just for my bike and also can't fit my 29" bike in the car even with the seats down. Any one got a solution? or anyone with an A1 got a bike rack that worked for them?
  14. Hi all I am looking for a clip on bike rack that fits a Polo GTi. Any suggestions is appreciated? Thanks ML
  15. This innovative design fixes all bike types on normal roof racks in just seconds, with no pre-assembly required and no need to leave it on your car between rides. It’s so small and portable that you can even ride to work with it in your pack (or strapped to your bike frame) and catch a lift home. In seconds, the Upside Rack is open and on your bike. From there, it’s onto your roof racks. Then one simple, strong clamping mechanism finishes the job and has you ready to go. Its secure but soft grip promises to safely hold your bike no matter the shape of the frame or the size of the tyres. It’s
  16. A group of passionate riders and engineers have turned the bike rack on its head with a simple yet ingenious idea. Meet the Upside Rack. Click here to view the article
  17. Hi there, With the Rand currency in the proverbial "flushing meadows", the price of bike racks has been going in the wrong direction. I'm looking for something that offers value but does rip my wallet through my heart. To be frank, I cannot afford a new Buzzrack or Thule at these prices (sorry). I see that Fishrax is advertising a 3-bike towbar mounted rack for about R5,200 plus R150 shipping to Jhb. It looks okay and it's less expensive than the more established brands but I'd like to know: Does anybody own such a Fishrax unit? If so, what's you unbiased view on it? Should I rather wait
  18. FeaturesCarries 2 bikes, up to 16kg each Unique wheel trays fit road, MTB and kid’s bikes of all sizes Fits ISO 50mm tow balls Rack tilts down for fast access to rear of vehicle Tow ball clamp locks rack to vehicle Lightboard and license plate holder included Made in Italy Weight: 15kg TUV GS certified Price: RRP R 5,195.00 (on special for R 4,155.00 at the time of publishing) AssemblyAs with the Saris Thelma we reviewed in April, the Freedom arrived flat packed and required some assembly to get up and running. Fortunately just about everything you need is inside the box, with the exception
  19. Bike racks are an essential part of cycling. With some costing more than an basic bicycle, it is important to weigh up your options and be honest with what it is you need. I have always been a fan of tow ball bike racks with a "load on" design. They keep your bike safe and secure and stop it from getting damaged from dangling around. The Freedom was my first experience with a bike rack from Saris and I was keen to see what they had to offer. Click here to view the article
  20. Guys, I would like a bike rack for my car (Polo hatchback). I don't have a tow bar. A good friend mentioned that the Thule rear mounted bike rack with the straps (note with the straps, Thule 910XT) scratches the car paint. He suggested I get the solid frame (eg: https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/173185-thule-clip-on-3-bike-rack/). Please advise?
  21. Hi folks I'm considering buying a towbar mounted 2 bike carrier, as they are much simpler to use than fiddling with the straps on the boot/hatch carriers. The price I've been quoted (for the towbar) is R6k upwards which is a bit steep as I only need it when I want to carry 2 bikes (when solo, I just put the bike in the hatchback). Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced tow bar place in Cape Town area? Thanks.
  22. Hello Hubbers, I need some help please. I bought a second-hand Thule ClipOn 9104 a couple days ago to attach to the back of my Toyota Auris (2010 or 2011 model I think). Although it says on the Thule website that the bike rack should be compatible with my car, I’ve been having trouble with getting it to fit properly. Basically, the rear spoiler (stock part) is being pulled down a centimetre or two by the 2 metal hooks at the top when I lower the handles to tighten the rack. I’m worried that the carrier will damage the spoiler or even snap it off completely. I’ve tried bending the hooks as
  23. Hi All, It might be something or it may be nothing at all, but today while traveling on the N2 inbound from Gordon's Bay side towards Cape Town. I saw a white polo, with what looked like a lot of anti Rhino poaching signage, travelling into Nomzamo. What triggered my alarm was that there were two bikes on the bike carrier the were basically dragging on the ground as if it hadn't been locked properly and the drivers looked like they were unconcerned and in no hurry to stop. They turned right at the robot after the BP on the N2 as you go through somerset business park, and then turned left i
  24. So about 6 months ago I took the plunge and bought a tow bar and a Thule 914 2 bike rack. As you all know these racks aren't cheap, but thought at least I wont go wrong with a Thule.. Well this weekend I attempted to Load a second bike for the first time.... I could not for the life of me get 2 MTB's on my bike rack designed to hold 2 bikes... at lease not without them both getting scratched to $#$%#^ Am I being a moron? is there a trick to this? or should I have bought a 3 bike version ??
  25. Hi, I'd like to find out what people's experiences have been with clip on bike racks in terms of damaging your car. I have a Mini Cooper and don't want to put a tow bar on. Any advice/tips for choosing the best bike rack brand and minimizing scratching would be appreciated. Thanks, Megan
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