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Found 6 results

  1. I use Garmin ANT+ HR and Cadence sensors on my bike and would like to see these readings on apps whilst training indoors. As I understand, there are 2 options being either an ANT+ dongle (plugs into a computer via USB port) or a bridge ("CABLE" by NPE being 1 option) which does not have to be plugged into any device but is controlled via a separate app. The bridge seems more versatile as it can connect whilst using IOS, Android or Windows devices. Any shared experience would be appreciated.
  2. Hallo Guys, Can someone please assist me with setting up ZWIFT. I have a *std (Old school) indoor trainer, *a Garmin Forerunner 235, *Samsung Android tablet (that support ANT+ but ZWIFTis not compatible) and *a new Samsung Cellphone with Android 9 so ANT+ not connecting to ZWIFT. * Garmin GCS10 Speed and Cadence sensor on my bike My Rouvy app is working fine with my Garmin GCS10 and Tablet...no problems (ANT+) I know ZWIFT is not working because ANT+ is not compatible with Android 9 anymore. But is there no way that I can pair my Forerunner to the ZWIFT app. So far im only pairing a small Bluetooth cadence sensor but I cannot get the Forerunner to show in the ZWIFT pair page to pair HELP!!!
  3. Good evening folks! To those who own a Vivoactive 3, has anyone managed to solve the disconnection from phone issue when you exit the GC app? Seems like a common issue, even some Edge 1030 users suffer the same frustrations. Brand new Garmin, Huawei P10 Lite, newest version of GC and Express. All Permissions granted on GC, Huawei phone settings and device. Thanks!!
  4. Hi guys and gals. Has anyone experience an issue with Zwift + Kickr where the Bluetooth connection drops intermittently for a split second dropping your power to 0, then it spikes back up to where you were? I'm fairly clued up re: laptops and I'm wondering if the issue isn't just my laptop as it was perfect before I had upgraded it. I've also recently added a wifi extender into my training room, so just wondering if anyone has had this and factors played a part? Cheers.
  5. I've searched around a bit but can't find anything out there (from the last 3 years), so I'm assuming I might be going nuts. My GF and I ride together, but through the wind and (sometimes some) distance it gets very hard to talk or communicate during the ride. Other than the safety concerns it also just makes it less enjoyable. I've been looking around for a cycling specific bluetooth or intercom type headset, but it doesn't really seem to be a thing. Am I being crazy / is there no need for this out there? What are you guys doing - just enjoying the silence?
  6. A friend got a corporate invite to ride Dusi2c, and asked me to help kit him out with everything he needs to get riding, get fit and get ready for the event. I could guide him on most bits, but when it comes to GPS units, I'm as in the dark as he is (I use Strava on my phone, turn it on, forget about it until I finish my ride, and upload my ride). There is an oldish thread here on le Hub, but it's not very definitive. I'm partial to the Garmin Fenix 3 HR, the downside being that it's on your wrist, and not on the bars in front of you, not great if having to follow a route, but how much route following is really done in these races, unless you're riding the Munga? Garmin, Polar, Bryton, Wahoo Help a guy out, what would you buy, and why? Help a guy out, what would you buy, and why?
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