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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, just want to get opinions on something. I bought a 2nd hand 2019 Trek Fuel EX7 last year, and there was a bit of damage to the rear triangle with stone chips and scratches etc. Didnt think anything more about it. Decided recently to have the rear triangle resprayed. First day back out on the trails the chain appears to have not released from the chain ring, and taken out a nasty gash out of the aluminium right at the chain ring. Chain has less than 500km. Patch job 2 with some protective tape and now today same thing. Sram NX There is obviously a problem. Any ideas on how to get it sorted before patch job 3 commences?
  2. Hi all, recently got this bike and noticed a bit of damage on the chainstay, the seller said is was cosmetic, what do the more experienced eyes think? Pressed on it and it didn't feel like there was any give that was noticed. Its about a cm in height and half a cm in width. Photos found here: https://imgur.com/gallery/O68Fxn6
  3. Hey Everyone, I recently bought a brand new Santa Cruz Blur C. After every ride I clean the bike thoroughly, but it seems like water is getting into the frame. More recently, I went riding in the rain and noticed that there was quite a bit of water in the frame. To drain the water, I need to remove the bottom screw fastening the bash plate to the bottom bracket, otherwise the water won't drain. Is this a known issue with the Blur?
  4. I upgraded my brakes about a month or two ago and didn't do the new installation myself. First time I looked at the bottom of my bike in a while and I noticed a lot of damage to the frame where the cables have been rubbing. Is this something to be worried about?
  5. Hi everyone So during the week one day when I got home from work, the first thing my kids tell me is that our domestic accidentally knocked over my bike. I didn't think much of it and didn't bother checking if the bike is ok (yes I know, I should be lynched for not checking my baby immediately!). Took it out this morning for a wash and I see this: Obviously it needs to be repaired. What I want to know from the guys that know carbon well, is this now a weak spot in my frame? If I leave it like that and just keep on riding the bike is there a chance of the frame cracking/breaking at some stage? And I don't suppose this is enough to warrant an insurance claim?
  6. I am currently aquiring parts and components to build myself a Touring bike. Today a very good friend from my LBS donated a fairly bent fork to me as I requested believing someone should be able to mend it for me. (see photo) From what I can see, it seems only the one end of the steerer seemes to have bent. Any frame builder or some skilfull fellow in or arround the East Rand area of Gauteng that can get this fork sorted for me? Please kindly advice. ....Or am I on a lost course with this pugsley fork? I hope am not All advice will be seriously appreciated.
  7. Hi all. So I am in search of an opinion from you guys. I bought some wheels, Shimano RS81 C24 wheels, in June 2016 (so basically 5 months ago). I have not been riding much and put around 1,500 km on them. On a recent ride I noticed some damage around the nipples on the rim (see the pictures) that seems to have been caused by corrosion or the carbon bubbling. I was naturally upset about this as I have never seen something like this and I am normally careful with my things. I took it back to CWC for a warranty claim but they said it's normal wear and tear and thus not a warranty claim. I went back again and they said they will come back to me, but I have not hear anything again. (I even went back for a 3rd time). I understand damage like this could occur after a few years, but I find it extreme to happen in such a short period of time. I have used multiple Mavic and other Shimano wheels with no problem over several years. I also had a google to see if there is more people with this issue and came to a BikeRadar forum where I guy had the same problem on a C24 DA wheel (basically the same rim, just a different hub) and his was replaced, as well as a person's commenting on the forum. So I find it reasonable to claim under warranty. [The forum - http://www.bikeradar.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13064084] Please let me know your thoughts and opinions as I am trying to understand if I am reasonable or not. This is not to slander CWC at all, just to understand if I have a warranty claim that they aren't helping me with. Note: I have had great experiences with CWC in the past, hence my disappointment in how the matter is dealt with this time. I am just asking an opinion here, not trying to offend. Thanks [update - For those joining later. This was a to and from, ultimately a warranty claim and replacement done by CWC. They apologized to me and publicly here, so all is good in the world again.]
  8. After reading and posting on the December 2014 Holiday Ride Pics - Where had your bike taken you whilst on holiday? thread, I thought we needed a thread to 'show off' damage to ourselves and our bikes that has occurred over the holiday period. To start off, Saturday 13 December, snapped the rear derailleur on my road bike. Tuesday, 16 December, snapped my collarbone (again) and other less substantial damage going down with the MTB. I hope everybody else is able to keep themselves and their bikes in one piece...don't follow my examples
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