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Found 4 results

  1. If you haven’t already been, the Cederberg is an incredible mountain oasis with a ton of activities from gravel and mountain biking to wine tasting, hiking, and there is even a Brewery that uses the fresh mountain water in the area to brew their beer. View full article
  2. This feature is made possible by Isuzu, I was lucky enough to take their D-Max 250 X-Rider 4x2 double cab out for the weekend. Whenever I can I try to get out to the Cederberg for a weekend of cycling and relaxing. The roads can get quite rough in and out so when I had the opportunity to test the Isuzu X-Rider there was only one place I was going to go. The Isuzu D-Max 250 X-Rider 4x2 is a turbocharged 2.5lt diesel engine that produces a claimed 100kw and 320Nm of torque, plenty for what I needed to tackle getting in and out of the Cederberg. Where to stay? There are plenty of great places to stay in the Cederberg like Jamaka, Mount Ceder, and the Sanddrif Resort but hands-down my favourite is the Cederberg Oasis. It’s a no-frills no-fuss kind of place with a wide range of sleeping options and amazing food that is well priced, Jacques really knows what he is doing in the kitchen. The Oasis is also great for backpacking missions because you don’t need to carry food or sleeping gear. The routes The Cederberg Circuit is quite a popular route that takes in a loop of the whole Cederberg area. It’s around 250km and you go through or past the towns of Op Die Berg, Citrusdal and Clanwilliam. If you are looking to base yourself in the Cederberg, though, there are plenty of great routes that you can ride. There are even some dedicated MTB routes in the heart of the Cederberg that have some incredible views. A permit can be bought for R50 at the Dwarsrivier Shop at the Cederberg Wines tasting room. There are maps available as well but I have included some route options via the two links at the end of this article. You can download the GPX and upload it to your GPS device. For the gravel and MTB loop, a stop at Nieuw Brewery in Kromrivier is a must, their beers are also available at the shop at Jamaka. On the MTB route, a visit to the Wolfberg Cracks is also something not to be missed. It truly is a natural wonder and walking through the cracks is pretty special. Download GPX files: Gravel Loop Route - MTB Loop Route The environment Winter can get very cold and very wet so it’s best to go before winter hits in July. Summer can hit temperatures of 40 degrees plus so Spring and Autumn are the best times to go. If hiking is something that interests you, there are some challenging but very rewarding routes all over the Cederberg. The short walk to the Wolfberg Arch is a popular one that can be done in a few hours. For more strenuous routes, the hike up to the top of Sneeuberg is tough but the views from the top are breath-taking (excuse the pun). Another great hike is the Tafelberg summit, which can also include an overnight stay in the cave just below the summit. Tafelberg round trip is around 16km (8km up, and 8km down). There isn’t much water up at the cave so you will need to carry all the water you might need for the two days and for making supper in the cave. With roughly a 3h30 drive from Cape Town, the Cederberg is the perfect weekend getaway to get out of the city and into nature. A look at the Isuzu X-Rider The D-Max is a full reworking of the legendary KB series of bakkies. The durability and reliability remain but the new badge brings with it new tech and upgraded engine specifications. Isuzu’s new D-Teq engines feature high-pressure, common-rail fuel-injected systems with advanced turbochargers with intercooling. This has increased the power and reliability of the new engine range, which also has a 3.0 diesel and a 3.6lt v6 petrol derivative. With a ground clearance of 225 mm there was no road or track in the Cederberg that I couldn’t get through comfortably. The X-Rider also has a 600 mm wade depth so tackling those river crossings will be a breeze. I had the 4x2 version but even on the steep technical section towards Kromrivier the engine had plenty of torque in a low rev range to prevent the rear wheels from losing traction. If you are tackling more hardcore off-route tracks then the 4x4 version has low and high range which will get you through even the toughest of 4x4 tracks. On the open road if you drive with a light foot the X-Rider purrs along well without getting very thirsty. Ready for your own adventure? Explore more with the D-Max 250 X-Rider. Click here to find out more
  3. There are many places in South Africa that could fight it out for the title of “Best gravel riding in SA” and everyone will have their favourite, but I am pretty sure that the Overberg will be on everyone’s list. So we packed up an Isuzu mu-X from Reeds Isuzu in N1 City and hit the road in search of some pure gravel goodness. Our destination? The Cape Agulhas. As cyclists the vehicle we end up buying usually has to cover certain criteria and if you prefer off-road cycling, having a vehicle that can also go off-road is naturally practical. From the first moment we got into the MU-X it screamed practicality. There are few brands out there that can boast a reliability record as illustrious as Isuzu and the mu-X is no different. Built on a similar platform as their famous KB bakkie series this SUV is no pavement hopper in adventure guise. It’s the real deal. Although we had the 4x2 version the mu-X was extremely capable on some steep and loose rocky terrain. If you struggle with options, Isuzu has made things really easy for you. All models of the mu-X come with Isuzu’s bullet proof 3.0 turbo Diesel engine, with your choice of either 4x2 or 4x4. On the open road heading out of Cape Town the mu-X was incredibly smooth. It really is a phenomenally comfortable vehicle. Considering the fact that it has 7 seats and myself, at 6’2, can sit in all 7 seats and not feel cramped is quite something. Accelerating to overtake was no struggle at all for the mu-X with its 130kw power output, and the 6 speed automatic transmission shifted gears effortlessly when required. Fuel economy for the 2 ton beast was also a pleasant surprise. On the open road, even fully loaded with bicycles and gear, the consumption hovered around 8lt/100km. In town it was closer to 11lt/100km. The mu-X might have slightly less than its competitors in the power department but on the open road I barely felt like I missed the extra power. With a ground clearance of 220mm there was very little that we couldn’t drive in our search for the Overbergs best gravel. The mu-X has been awarded a 5 star safety rating with its 6 airbags and impact absorbing chassis. The suspension swallowed up the ruts and corrugations on some rough roads leaving us with a smooth and comfortable ride, something a gravel bike is not known to do. The mu-X felt equally at home in town as it did in the mountains / gravel roads of the Overberg. The best part of an SUV is that, unlike a bakkie without a canopy etc, when you stop for road snacks or a toilet break you don’t have to worry about the safety of your gear. Having it all locked away inside the vehicle is a big plus for me. The mu-X felt like it drove like a legendary KB series bakkie but had the safety and convenience of a car. In my humble opinion, the best of both worlds. An adventure wagon that can tackle just about anything you throw at it, but still keep your stuff safe when you’ve stopped at Seattle to fill up your Double Short Latte. In summary, Isuzu might not have put a ton of ultra-modern features into their flagship SUV but you get exactly what you need. There are no unnecessary trinkets and gizmos here, they have put all the attention into the places that matter, like the French-stitched leather interior and the fact that all 5 of the back seats fold down flat giving you more packing space than its competitors. You get cruise control, a reverse camera and full mobile connectivity with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Etc and a 6.5 inch touch screen. Instead of adding flash and flair Isuzu have built a perfectly comfortable adventure hungry beast that will give you a real driving thrill and have you just as excited to drive on the Monday morning commute as you are for that weekend getaway. Keen to test drive the Isuzu mu-X or find out more? Get in touch with Reeds N1 City here.
  4. Team Isuzu took on the Heia Safari, Hero Adventure park and we did a little write up on it. Wanted if any of you have ridden some of the trails there and what are your thoughts. We recorded our ride and included it in our Trail View section, with information on the park itself and its routes, elevation and map of the ride. We would really like some feed back as to how helpful these Trail View videos are. Also if any of you do record some of your rides and are keen to share them please send them to us and we will be happy to add them to our website and share them to the masses. Here is a link to the article and the video. http://www.isuzu.co.za/exp-trailview/heia-safari-zero-2-hero-mtb
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